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Outdoor Living Direct is a 100% family-owned Australian business. We're thrilled to present a broad selection of premium outdoor products, notably our sleek and efficient cantilever umbrellas. They aim to offer the best sun protection for your outdoor areas. Our cantilever umbrellas also sport a 360-degree rotating base for flexible shade control. They are made of top-notch, weather-resistant materials, ensuring their durability over numerous seasons. Invest in a cantilever umbrella from our collection and upgrade your outdoor living space.

Ever pondered on what makes a cantilever umbrella so versatile and practical for your outdoor space? This question leads us to the thorough examination of the unique features and benefits. These include their innovative design that makes them a perfect fit for Australian yards.

What are Cantilever Umbrellas?

Cantilever umbrellas offer a unique outdoor shade solution. They employ a suspended canopy, supported by a single, offset pole. This design means there's no central post, giving you more freedom in how you arrange your outdoor spaces. With their sleek and modern look, they are a favourite for anyone wanting to add style and shade to their patios, balconies, or outdoor events.

Stylish and Functional Outdoor Shading

Our cantilever umbrellas mix style with top-notch features. They're made with high-quality, weather-resistant fabrics. These materials not only protect you from harmful UV rays but ensure a durable and long-lasting shelter for you and your guests.

Versatile Cantilever Design

The versatility of our cantilever umbrellas is unmatched. You can adjust the canopy 360 degrees, finding the perfect spot for shade any time. They’re ideal for creating comfortable seats, sheltering dining areas, or offering a cool spot by the pool. For all your shading needs, an Outdoor Living Direct cantilever umbrella is a smart choice.

Cantilever Umbrellas - Key Features

Our cantilever umbrellas, available at Outdoor Living Direct, boast several key features for exceptional performance. The canopy is crafted from top-notch UV-resistant material. It effectively blocks harmful sun rays, ensuring you and your guests stay safe.

UV Protection

In Australia, the UV levels can be dangerously high. This makes top-tier sun protection essential for any outdoor umbrella. Our cantilever umbrellas shield you from the sun's damaging rays. Enjoy a safe and comfortable time outdoors without worry.

Weather Resistance

Thanks to their robust, rust-resistant aluminium frames, our umbrellas endure wind, rain, and more. They are designed for all-season use, letting you enhance your outdoor space year-round. Their longevity means you can enjoy the outdoors without being hindered by the weather.

Easy Operation

Our cantilever umbrellas are known for their user-friendly design. You can easily adjust the canopy’s angle and position using a simple handle. This feature makes finding ideal shade coverage a breeze. It lets you customise your outdoor experience with ease.

Benefits of Cantilever Umbrellas

Cantilever umbrellas are a sought-after choice for many outdoor spaces. Their design saves space by eliminating a central post. This feature maximises the useable area. Also, with a rotating base, the shade can be easily moved to keep you comfortable, no matter the sun's position. Whether for a seating area, dining table or to shade your pool, an Outdoor Living Direct cantilever umbrella is ideal.

Space-Saving Design

The offset pole and free-hanging canopy of cantilever umbrellas maximise outdoor space. They avoid the obtrusive central post, perfect for areas with limited room. Ideal for smaller outdoor spaces, they offer a large shaded area without blocking the surroundings.

Adjustable Shade Coverage

The 360-degree rotating base on our cantilever umbrellas allows for easy canopy adjustment. This means you can quickly adapt the shade to block the sun at different times. Such adaptability ensures a consistently comfortable and protected space outdoors, all day long.

How does a cantilever umbrella work?

Cantilever umbrellas have a distinctive construction, unlike that of traditional ones. The canopy is hung from a single pole that is placed off-centre, rather than being held by a central post. This design feature results in a broader shade, covering more ground without intruding on the space beneath.

Furthermore, the canopy is linked to the pole through a mechanism that enables easy rotation. This makes it simple to alter the shade's direction and angle throughout the day. By having the pole off to the side, the umbrella is made more versatile and space-efficient.

For stability, the offset pole is firmly fixed to a base. This base is either equipped with wheels for portability or is weighted down. Such a design ensures that the umbrella stands secure yet can be easily adjusted or transported if needed.

Choosing the Right Cantilever Umbrella

Choosing the right cantilever umbrella is crucial for your outdoor space. Consider the umbrella's size concerning the area you wish to cover. Larger umbrellas offer more shade but need a strong base for support. Outdoor Living Direct has sizes ranging from compact 2m to spacious 4m models, catering to various needs.

Size Considerations

The cantilever umbrella's size is key for ensuring adequate shade. 4m models are perfect for large areas like patios or poolsides. On the other hand, 2m cantilever umbrellas work well for balconies or small sitting areas.

Material and Color Options

Material and colour also significantly affect your outdoor space's look. Outdoor Living Direct provides umbrellas with durable aluminium frames and weather-resistant fabrics. Choose from various colours and patterns. You'll find everything from classic black and white stripes to vivid, striking colours. There's something for everyone, helping you enhance your outdoor area's style.

Caring for Your Cantilever Umbrella

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Ensuring your cantilever umbrella remains in top condition requires proper care. You should clean the canopy with a gentle mix of soap and water. Afterwards, let it dry thoroughly to prevent any damage from moisture when it's closed or stored.

Regular checks of the frame are crucial. Look for signs of rust or other damage. Applying a rust-resistant coating can protect it further. With consistent care of both the fabric and frame, the umbrella's longevity increases. This upkeep minimises the chance of needing expensive repairs or a brand-new umbrella.

Storage and Protection

Storing your umbrella properly is key when it's not being used. Choose a dry, sheltered spot and think about adding a protective cover. This cover helps keep the umbrella clean and preserves its colour against the sun's harsh UV rays.

Don't forget about winter care. Too often, cantilever umbrellas are left exposed to the elements, risking damage. Always thoroughly dry your umbrella before putting it away. This simple step prevents moisture build-up, ensuring your umbrella stays in great shape for many seasons.

Outdoor Living Direct's Cantilever Umbrella Range

At Outdoor Living Direct, we are proud to present our premium range of cantilever umbrellas. This collection caters directly to Australians, offering a wide variety of sizes. You'll find umbrellas ranging from compact 2m sizes to large 4m octagonal options. Each one is built with top-tier materials, ensuring they stand up to the weather with ease. With a 360-degree rotation feature, these umbrellas provide extensive shade coverage.

Our umbrellas' frames are constructed from marine-grade anodised aluminium and come with a 3-year warranty. They offer a durable structure that won't let you down. The canopies are equally top-notch, made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic canvas. They boast outstanding UV protection of 98.75% (UPF80) and are guaranteed against fading for 10 years. We also offer custom colours for a unique touch, though these require a few weeks extra.

For a solid foundation, we provide various options to secure your cantilever umbrella. You can choose from a spigot, base plate, in-ground sleeve, "880" heavy-duty base, barrel extension, and stabilizer bars. Adding to the charm, our umbrellas support LED lights. These lights can run on either standard batteries or solar power, enhancing your outdoor setting.

Explore our range of cantilever umbrellas to find your perfect match. Whether you need to shade an outdoor dining area, enjoy some poolside relaxation, or create a breezy sanctuary, Outdoor Living Direct has you covered. Our premium umbrellas are tailor-made to enhance your outdoor space’s style and utility. Let us help you achieve your dream outdoor area with our quality products.

How to install and disassemble a cantilever umbrella?

Setting up a cantilever umbrella from Outdoor Living Direct is not hard. We begin by building the frame, following the manual precisely. This ensures everything fits properly. Then, we place the base where we want it and secure it firmly for stability. After that, putting up the canopy is the next step. We attach it carefully to the frame, adjusting the rotation and tilt if needed.

Breaking down the cantilever umbrella is the reverse of setting it up. We start by disconnecting the canopy. Taking apart the frame comes next. We handle everything gently to keep it safe for the next use. While this may seem complex, it mainly involves taking the canopy off, pulling apart the frame, and disconnecting the base.

Remember, cantilever umbrellas can be heavy. You might need help moving the large parts. Always check the manual for help with the base and frame. A rubber mallet can make unscrewing easier. Be careful with the umbrella arms to prevent any damage. Taking off the covers first is a must. This protects your umbrella during disassembly. Plus, marking each part makes it simpler to put back together later.

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