Dining chairs

Dining chairs

Outdoor Dining Chairs for the Whole Family 

Need extra dining for an upcoming family and friend event? Perhaps you just need extra space at home for lounging and living outdoors. Regardless of your reason for wanting to upgrade your outdoor area, a high-quality table and chair set can increase your home’s usable spaces – and make the transition from living inside to out seamless.

If you’re new to shopping online for outdoor furniture, our team has rounded up the easy ways to determine the quality, functionality, size, and longevity of your next investment piece without coming in-store.

Run by an Australian family who is as committed to taking advantage of the great outdoors as we are to excellent quality and customer service, we know the ins and outs of entertaining outside.

Redesigning Your Dining Space with Outdoor Tables and Chairs

We appreciate that shopping online for investment pieces can seem daunting – however, the luxury of staying at home and having your purchase delivered directly to you is enticing. To offer our customers added peace of mind when sizing up a potential set, we recommend:

  1. Consider Seasonality: Are you planning to use your updated entertainment area in the summer alone or hoping it can be a usable space year-round? Some materials will weather year-round elements better than others – whereas some should be protected from harsh winds and rain. Consider if you’re in a climate that lends itself to year-long outdoor dining and that the pieces you’re looking at can withstand both the sun and rain.
  2. Double Checking the Size: A modular couch or 10-piece seating arrangement is a great idea—until you realise the space your outfitting can’t accommodate the size. We recommend double-checking both your available floor space as well as the chair dimensions (and table seating capacity!) before purchasing.
  3. Looking at the Materials: Much like the seasonality consideration, some materials are made to withstand inclement weather (like treated timber) and some are not. If you’re happy to store away your pieces during the winter months, consider what will happen in the event of inclement weather during the summer. While we hope for sunshine and blue skies year-round – the reality is we can get harsh winds and rain during the summer and want our chairs to stand up to UV rays, water, and debris.

Shopping for seating options specifically? Also, consider:

  1. Weight: Not interested in moving the outdoor set anytime soon? Heavier seating arrangements are great for standing up to strong winds. Need to pack it down every night or during the winter months? Consider looking at lighter materials (like aluminium frames) to make storage and set up easy.
  2. Textiles: If you’re looking for covered pieces or considering fabric cushions, make sure the textiles used are UV stable to stand up against the strong Australian sun.

Outdoor Dining Chairs for Homes and Hospitality

Outdoor Living Direct is owned and operated by an Australian team that know how to create comfortable, welcoming spaces that friends and family will love.

Need extra support with your online purchase? Speak with our friendly Customer Service team today.

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