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Timber outdoor furniture from Melbourne, Australia

There’s nothing easier than creating a warm, comforting ambience with the Outdoor Living timber furniture range! Crafted from high-quality teak, acacia, eucalyptus, and other native and exotic lumbers, these beautifully formed pieces fuse function with laid-back luxury, making you truly feel at home.

Contemporary materials with stately, earthy designs combine with a variety of decor choices for easy, versatile styling. Coming in 3,4,5, and 7-piece sets, you’re free to create a chic wooden wonderland that’s cohesive all-round, or combine with other timber outdoor furniture sets for a dynamic, unique look.

Either way, let the wooden tones ground your space in a warm, relaxing ambience that’s made for laid-back Australian living all year round.

Find the perfect timber outdoor setting for your space

There’s something to be said for tailoring a furniture selection to the space at hand. Lounges under an Italian-style alfresco area support long, deep conversations with family and friends; or solo time immersed in a good book's pages.

Kick back in one of our chaise lounges between dips in the pool - or just rest your back from a long day of work. Plus, the plush cushioning adds a layer of satisfaction that’s difficult to pass up.

Take your pick from our timber outdoor furniture sets that capture a cohesive, all-over look, or opt for occasional furniture for an eclectic, mix-and-match look. Mixing with our wicker outdoor furniture makes for a perfect combination - but as all tastemakers know, there are no complex rules in the world of design.

Dining chairs and footstools can be combined to create a range of low-to-high seating options, allowing family and friends of all ages to gather around and enjoy the weather. These pieces are especially great when paired with a stylish BBQ or fireplace , providing visual warmth that cuts through the chill of cold winter nights.

How to care for timber furniture

Caring for timber is a little more hands-on than with wicker or aluminium lounge sets. The lumber needs regular maintenance in order to be fully shielded from the elements. Not to worry - all it takes is a few quick, easy steps, and you’re sorted for the next few months.

A simple spritz of nano shield or a thorough massage with high-quality outdoor furniture oil seals the rich lumber from the elements, allowing you to go about your day-to-day activities worry-free. Wild weather conditions will chip away at the layers, thinning them over time - so be sure to prep each piece before the rainy season hits!

A good indicator of when to refresh your shielding efforts is if water beads on the surface of any given piece. When fully coated, droplets will run off the coated wood and onto the surface underneath.

Feel free to ask our friendly staff about recommended upkeep for your particular set. Each wood has its own unique characteristics, and it’s worth knowing them in advance!

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