5 Piece Outdoor Dining Sets & Furniture Australia Wide & Melbourne

5 piece outdoor dining furniture, made for Australian living

Enjoying a meal in the fresh Australian air is an experience worth sharing with companions. The beautifully designed 5 piece outdoor dining sets in our collection allow you to do exactly that, holding space for great food and great conversations.

Both formal and casual options are available to suit the space at hand - and we’ve even got a handy stackable balcony model for those who truly need to maximise their space in the urban jungle.

Choose from elegant, sleek designs that never go out of style to something more earthy and laid-back. The timeless design of each set is perfect for adding a tasteful touch of luxurious furniture to the home setting or as the primary seating option for a Melbourne cafe. There truly are no limits on how you choose to use our products!

Decide on a set from the photos and information shown here and get your set delivered to anywhere in Mainland Australia or Tasmania. Alternatively, come and have a feel for the quality and vibe in-store at our Hoppers Crossing, Blackburn or Cheltenham stores in the culture capital of Melbourne.

Buy 5 piece outdoor dining sets in Australia

Essential 5 piece dining furniture is usually made up of one dining table and four chairs. The Evelyn, Madeleine, and Portland models from our collection fit that description perfectly, exuding a modern, and stately elegance that suits every occasion.

Made from a rigid, UV-stable resin, the Madeleine and Evelyn models always stay in perfect condition. Unaffected by sunlight and rain, their composition is heavy enough to keep them in place yet light enough to be moved around easily - the perfect combination for a fuss-free alfresco seating arrangement.

Glass-topped tables bear the weight of banquets, laptops, and anything else you might want to place on them. Some models, like the Evelyn, come with the need for assembly, but we’ve made sure the process is simple.

If you prefer a more solid, sturdy look, the Portland is the way to go. Made from powder-coated aluminium and natural brown wicker, the look is modern, grounded, and timeless. Curved chairs offer endless hours of comfortable conversation, especially when a BBQ or fireplace is nearby to keep guests warm all night long. What more could you ask for from great a great entertainment space?

Make the most of your space through modular design

Space is a luxury in today’s modern urban world. Not to worry - our Outdoor Living collection has clever solutions with a small footprint, yet don’t compromise style.

Space-saving stacking is conveniently designed into our Yarra range, letting you maximise the full scope of the area. Ottomans, cushions, and chairs are easily stored away under the tabletop, making room in a matter of minutes. The Yarra combines chairs and ottomans for a relaxed-yet-luxurious casual vibe, ideal for beachside entertainment or as a casual cafe setting.

More space-saving options are available from our collection of aluminium lounge furniture. Head there for more practical and stylish options for smaller spaces, crafted by our taste-making design team.

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