Shop 13 piece outdoor dining sets and furniture

Shop 13 piece outdoor dining sets and furniture

Expecting to host dinner for a crowd on the regular, or even need more space for those Birthday and Christmas get togethers? Look no further!

Our big, beautiful 13 piece outdoor dinner settings are built to accommodate plenty of guests comfortably. Leaving lots of leg room for each guest, the wide, long tables allow for ample spacing between each chair, making it easy to get in and out of seats. Matched up with elegant, durable chairs and cushions, these pieces act as a catalyst for creating beautiful memories and moments, no matter the weather.

Choose yours and get ready to enjoy wonderful moments with your nearest and dearest under Australia’s big open skies.

Bringing good company together

Spending time with family and friends is absolutely priceless. Sadly, it often gets pushed to the bottom of the “To Do“ list while work, errands, and all manner of other activities take priority.

Imagine what would happen if you were to invest in furniture that brings the family together on the regular - simply because there’s room for everyone to be seated.

Our 13 piece outdoor dining furniture sets offer you the opportunity to do just that. Look forward to having everyone around for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without ever having to think about seating plans. Simply set the table, lay down the delicious food, and let the conversations flow. All in the comfort of your private backyard or alfresco area!

No need to join tables here - the long lengths of our largest dining sets easily hold everything that you’ve got in store for them. The Kingsville and Madagascar models are both made from premium materials that are weather-resistant and built to last. You can rest assured that they hold up to all kinds of activities, whether dining or dancing is in question.

Use them for arts and crafts, Christmas celebrations, or even as part of the workplace setup. Feel free to pair with other items like our 5 piece outdoor dining sets on the side - purpose always drives the purchase here.

Buy 13 piece outdoor dining sets online

Shopping for furniture in person is often a time-consuming affair. We aim to make the experience as efficient as possible, so that you can spend time making wonderful moments and projects come to life - which is why we display our items online, ready for purchase.

The Madagascar is an expandable set that extends so that you can comfortable seat 12. Available in white and black, the versatility and style is refreshingly practical in today's hustle and bustle - plus it’s easy to maintain. Find a downsized version of both in our collection of 11 piece outdoor dining sets, or order the full-scale expandable version here.

The Kingsville also extends out to comfortably seat up to 12 people. Made from a powder-coated aluminium, this piece is easy to configure and even easier for upkeep. Just wipe or hose it down as needed, and you’re set for the next round of activities.

Both versions balance sleek, contemporary style with sturdy construction and ease of use. Add stylish patio heaters and BBQs around the area, and prepare for year-round entertainment.

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