Wicker & Rattan Outdoor Furniture Settings

Wicker lounge sets

Designer wicker & rattan outdoor furniture and settings in Australia

If a touch of texture is what your space calls for, our wicker outdoor furniture sets and solutions are sure to satisfy. Designed with a distinctive contemporary edge, the collection features unique styles that suit the modern Australian way of life, whether you’re in Melbourne’s urban jungle or set up along the scenic east coast.

Lounges, modular chaise lounges, chair and footrest sets and storage pieces are on offer, crafted in a wide range of colours and styles. From rich blacks to whites and natural beiges, the perfect piece is ready to make your exteriors pop.

Durable wicker outdoor furniture for all conditions

Great design is all about combining the right material with tasteful forms, while fulfilling a clear purpose. Our wicker outdoor furniture settings tick all these boxes, becoming a beautiful asset that you’ll love to look at and use in your day-to-day activities. Call them an investment piece, if you will, because the memories gained around these settings are truly priceless.

The sturdy aluminum frame with woven rattan style supports your activities, all year round. Resisting rain and harsh UV light, the rugged-yet-elegant items invite connection and conversation out of doors. Covered with plush, machine-washable cushions, comfortable seating and style is all yours.

Find the perfect set for your space

While there’s something to be said for eclectic Melbourne style, elegant exteriors are almost always made up of sets. The Outdoor Living Direct range offers a wide array of options to suit your space, from 3-piece to 5 piece outdoor dining sets and beyond. Combining seating with coffee and side tables, each collection creates an ambience of down-to-earth relaxation, where conversations are cultivated as fresh Australian air fills your lungs.

The popular Amani storage range is a great solution for those who truly want to live and work outdoors without creatine clutter. Containing a hidden compartment at the base of each set, the Amani allows you to store its cushions and de-clutter bits and pieces for a clean, tidy look. If you prefer storage with a little more weight to it, be sure to browse our selection of timber outdoor furniture and view the coffee and side tables in each set.

Bring a beautiful outdoor area to life

High-quality wicker outdoor furniture doesn’t budge or change under the elements. Made from sturdy, powder-coated materials, our designs are built to endure all that Mother nature throws at them. And, best of all, they never go out of style.

Like our aluminium lounge sets , the colour of each wicker set stays stable under harsh, sunny conditions. Protected by a layer of powder-coating, the structural integrity of pieces remains intact for years - and even decades, under the right care. Very little maintenance is required to keep up the good looks - which is why these contemporary classics are a favourite among beach-front property owners and city dwellers alike.

Come in and see them for yourself at our Hoppers Crossing, Blackburn or Cheltenham stores. We’re open every day, seven days a week (bar the big four Australian public holidays).

Alternatively, order online and be blown away by your first impressions upon delivery.

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