Outdoor Furniture Melbourne

Genuine savings on our exclusive range of quality outdoor furniture Melbourne at factory direct prices. Melbourne, the home of the world's largest tramway network, good coffee, live music, and four seasons in one day.  As Melbournians ourselves, we know all about it!

Melbourne is Australia's sporting capital and the only city in the world with five international standard sporting facilities.  With the bay, the Great Ocean Road and the Dandenong Ranges right nearby, and green parks and ovals right across the metropolis, Melbournians seize every chance they can get to enjoy a nice day outside.  For a solid 3 months the winter chills hit this city and Melbournians like to rug up and hibernate.  For the rest of the year, the sun comes back from his holiday and Melbourne becomes a wonderful place to live well outdoors.

Climate and Seasons

Melbournians love talking about the weather.  One long-running joke among locals goes that “if you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes”, and as flippant as that sounds there's also a lot of truth in it.  Melbourne sees a wide range of weather, from occasional snow in the suburbs through to sweltering 40+ degree days, and pronounced dry spells through to flooding and torrential rains, and conditions can change dramatically just in the course of a day.  Melbourne is in a temperate climate.

Melbourne has a colder winter than other mainland state capitals, but not especially so.  This winter usually sees more rainy days as well.  The rain continues into early spring but by this point - after being cooped up inside all winter - Melbournians start itching to get out and about as soon as it starts warming up.  Summers are typically hot, with moderate humidity.

Ozone depletion is a problem over southern Australia, meaning that sunburn can be a risk even when it's not necessarily that hot.  Fair skinned people need to be especially careful from late spring through to early autumn.

Planning an Outdoor Area in Melbourne

Melbourne is now home to more than 4 million people and the population is growing at a rate where it may once again become Australia's most populous city.  For many people, this population growth means their backyards are becoming smaller.  Smart use of space is the way forward for smaller Melbourne backyards: consider what you'll actually want to do in your backyard, and balance garden areas with living areas appropriately.  Also consider the footprint of any furniture, and where it's going to live when it's not in use.  If planning a vegetable garden, try to see if you can find a sunny spot that's not too far from the door to the house - that way you'll have less distance to travel when fetching something for the kitchen.

Melbourne is the home of the famous “four seasons in one day” and ultraviolet light is also of major concern here, some sort of cover is essential for when the weather suddenly turns.

Selecting the Right Outdoor Furniture for Melbourne

The UV light that Melbourne gets doesn't just damage skin!  It fades furniture as well.  This is something to consider when choosing outdoor furniture for Melbourne.  Darker colours will fade more obviously than lighter ones.  Think about choosing UV resistant materials like polyethylene wicker or heavy duty polyester, and also think about covering the items when not in use.

Furniture Suggestions for Melbourne

A pod chair is perfect for a Melbourne backyard.  During the summer this is the ideal place to chill in the shade or at night, and with a blanket it's the perfect place to rug up once winter starts nearing.

Every Melbourne outdoor area needs some sort of cover from the sun and the rain.  An umbrella is one ideal way of providing this.

Furniture Delivery to Melbourne

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