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Genuine savings on our exclusive range of quality outdoor furniture Canberra at factory direct prices. Discount delivery to the nation's capital, which is also Australia's largest inland city, home to some 381,000 people. This is very much a "company town": almost half of the workforce here is employed by the public service. With 2% of the city's population being employed by one of the security agencies, they say you also have more of a chance of living next to a spy here than anywhere else on earth!

Canberra is a young city: back in 1826 it was a sheep run. This site was selected to become the nation's capital in 1908, and it was this that really started the city as we know it.

Climate and Seasons

The Bureau of Meteorology places Canberra in a temperate climate zone.

Canberra is an inland town with an elevation of 580 metres, a much higher altitude than the coastal towns and cities that house most of Australia's population. Being a little inland and a little higher means that while Canberra sits between Melbourne and Sydney, it gets more of the cold than either. Being inland, humidity tends to be low and there's usually not a lot of wind.

That said, summer in Canberra is still summer! On a warm, sunny afternoon in January it can easily reach over 30 degrees. Summer in Canberra is warm, clear and mostly rainless.

Canberra is fairly dry but the rain it does get tends to be fairly evenly distributed throughout the year: there is no wet or dry season as such.

Planning an Outdoor Area in Canberra

With such a kaleidoscope of weather in Canberra, it can be a challenge to put something together that will fit every situation

Gardening in Canberra can be a challenge. The area gets little rain, the soils tend to be impoverished, and there's an extreme range of temperature to contend with. Overnight lows can get as cold as -10 in winter, so it's important to choose plants that can tolerate the frost. Canberra is often subject to water restrictions, which can severely limit or even prevent any watering of the garden. Local natives adjusted to these conditions long ago, so can be a good choice for the Canberra gardener.

If you're planning a major overhaul of your outdoor are, you might want to consider grey water recycling. In the event of stage 4 water restrictions, this will be the only sort of garden watering allowed.

Selecting the Right Outdoor Furniture for Canberra

Canberra gets a wide range of temperatures, so versatility is the name of the game here. Have a think about how you can furnish your outdoor area so that you can be just as comfortable there on a hot sunny afternoon in January, and on a clear and gorgeous but rather colder afternoon in May.

Furniture Suggestions for Canberra

A hanging pod chair or a polyethylene cube setting will provide you the space you need to rug up in a blanket on a colder afternoon in late autumn, while still being comfortable in the depths of summer.

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