How to make the most of a small outdoor area

How to make the most of a small outdoor area – Small outdoor spaces can sometimes be a challenge to design and decorate. Too many colours and patterns can feel busy and too much furniture can feel chaotic. Choosing the right furniture, décor, colours and patterns can all help to create the illusion of more space. Whether you’re designing a small terrace balcony, an apartment patio or a city living rooftop, all have the ability to look larger than what they truly are with these few handy tips. With the help of these few tips and tricks we hope you too can create an outdoor space that 1. Looks larger than what it truly is and 2. One that reflects your personality and you can enjoy for many years to come.


Firstly consider the space you have to work with. Have a walk around and access your outdoor area. As you walk around and design your space consider any existing structures such as doors, walls or garden beds as they will play a part in how your space will look.

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Furniture that folds or stacks tends to work quite well in smaller spaces such as apartments or town houses where space may be limited. Multi-functional outdoor furniture pieces are also a smart idea, for example a cushion box can double as a bench seat. Outdoor Living Direct have a variety of small balcony pieces ideal for areas where space may be limited.

Choose a focal point:

Avoid cluttering a small space with too many pieces of furniture/décor/accessories and instead start with a focal point that will be the main point of attention. Build around this focal point, adding in necessary accessories where needed. These added extras shouldn’t compete with the focal point, instead enhance the overall look of your space. Too much clutter can feel like the space is closing in on you so less is more when it comes to styling a smaller outdoor area.

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Vertical lines:

Vertical lines also help to give the impression of more space. Tall pieces of art, slender trees or vertical gardens are all great inclusions. If floor space is limited why not take advantage of the wall space and hang some shelves for extra storage.

Colours and patterns:

Avoid dark colours and busy patterns as they can confine a space and create the unwanted feeling of closure. Instead opt for lighter colours and subtle patterns that will create a bright and airy feel.

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A small outdoor area with poor lighting will feel claustrophobic. Instead, choose lights that will bounce off the walls and visually make the space larger. Candles are another low maintenance lighting option for smaller spaces. They don’t take up a lot of room, yet they produce beautiful mood lighting for any occasion. A mirror is another great trick. It will reflect natural light and create the illusion of a deeper space.

When it comes to designing and decorating a small space it’s all about tricking the eye into believing that the space is much larger than how it actually appears. Applying these few tips and tricks will help you to create the illusion of more space and make the most of your outdoor area.

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