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How to maintain your outdoor bean bag

How to maintain your outdoor bean bag – Outdoor bean bags are not only stylish and extremely comfortable, they’re also very easy to clean and maintain and require minimal maintenance making them a top choice for many people. Unlike other outdoor furniture that requires regular upkeep, outdoor bean bags are made to withstand varying weather, moisture and changing temperature, hence maintaining them is a breeze. A little preventative maintenance and light cleaning is all they need. Here are our top six tips to maintaining a bean bag:

Maintenance, cleaning and care tips for standard outdoor bean bags:

1. When you’re not using your bean bag outside, we recommend bringing it indoors. Storing it inside will protect it from the elements and keep it looking fresh and new. You’ll also find it will look great inside your home and fill a kids room, games room or lounge area perfectly.

2. Whilst our bean bags are water proof, continual exposure to excessive moisture can lead to mould and mildew growth that will leave your bean bag looking worse for wear. If you live in humid conditions or if your bean bag is exposed to continual weather we recommend storing it in a dry place to avoid this happening. Also be sure that all surfaces of your bean bag are completely dry before storing it away.

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3. Although our bean bags are made with a fade resistant material, continuous exposure to the sun will cause fading. Again we recommend keeping it covered or storing in a dry space to ensure this doesn’t happen.

4. Our bean bags are not a flotation device and have not been designed for pool use. They can be sat on with wet bathers however as mentioned above when storing it after use ensure the area is completely dry to avoid mould and mildew build up.

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5. If your bean bag happens to get dirty simply use a clean, damp cloth along with warm, soapy water to remove any dirt, food spills or marks. Avoid products containing bleach and after cleaning the base of your bean bag ensure the surface is dry before placing it back on the floor.

6. When filling your bean bag with beans ensure you’re inside, in an area that is free from any wind or breeze. Always fill with two people as filling on your own can be difficult. To fill, get one person to hold the bean bag whilst the other pours the beans via a funnel into the bag. When you have finished filling the bag with the required amount of beans, remove the funnel and close the zipper. Beans can be purchased from either Kmart, Target or Big W.

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Our top 7 reasons for choosing aluminium outdoor furniture

Increasingly popular, aluminium ticks all the boxes when it comes to outdoor furniture and it’s not hard to see why. Our top 7 reasons for choosing aluminium outdoor furniture are listed below:

1. Weight

Aluminium furniture is light weight and easy to maneuver making it a winner with many people. You can easily move the pieces around to suit a particular gathering or occasion and for those who like to store their furniture away during the cooler months, aluminium furniture makes this a breeze.

2. Minimal maintenance

Aluminium furniture requires minimal to no maintenance to keep it looking and functioning at its best. To clean, simply hose the frame and leave to dry or spot clean with warm, soapy water. With very little upkeep aluminium furniture is perfect for people who lead busy lives yet still enjoy quality, stylish furniture.

3. Durability

As well as being light weight, aluminium is also a durable material making it ideal for outdoor use. All of our aluminium outdoor furniture can be relied on to provide the very best in construction and longevity. All of the aluminium at Outdoor Living Direct has been powder coated for extra strength and durability.

4. Longevity

Metal furniture can rust and deteriorate if exposed to the elements for long periods at a time. Aluminium, on the other hand, cannot. Its surface is protected by a layer of aluminium oxide. This layer prevents the metal from coming into contact with elements which could cause it to rot and rust such as rain and sun exposure. Aluminium is not susceptible to these conditions making it an ideal material to be used Australia wide.

5. A style to suit every taste, preference and budget

Here at Outdoor Living Direct we offer a wide range of aluminium furniture styles to suit every taste, preference and budget. Whether you’re after a lounge, a dining set or a piece for the balcony our aluminium products come in various colours, styles and finishes. We also offer wicker furniture with aluminium frames if that’s the look you’d prefer.

6. Plenty of colours to choose from

There are plenty of colours to choose from when it comes to aluminium outdoor furniture. Powder coating technology allows for this. We offer powder coated aluminium pieces in both grey and white which we believe are two colours that will tie in best with any existing outdoor areas.

7. Comfortable with our without a cushion

In terms of comfort levels aluminium furniture can be enjoyed with or without a cushion. Of course a cushion will add an extra level of comfort and support but we have aluminium dining chairs without cushions which can be enjoyed for many hours in total comfort. The choice is up to you.

Whether it be placed in a city apartment or on a verandah in the most rural, remote area of the country, aluminium is the ideal material for stylish, light weight outdoor furniture. For the best deals shop our range of aluminium outdoor furniture today!

Outdoor fire place buying guide

Outdoor fire place buying guide – Enjoy your outdoor area all year long, especially during the winter months, with the help of an outdoor fire place or chiminea. Here at Outdoor Living Direct we sell a wide range of fire places available in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. Our extensive range of fire places are both strong and hard wearing as well as being beautiful and stylish. They will seamlessly fit into any existing outdoor space and create beautiful warmth and lasting memories with loved ones.

Sanga XL

The Sanga XL fire place is available in two different colours, black and corten. Measuring a height of 150cm the Sanga XL is a large fire place sure to keep you and yours warm all night long. The Sanga XL is made of durable, low maintenance steel with a heat resistant coating. Corten steel is also known as ‘weathering steel’ hence the brown-rust colouring. The Sanga XL also features a practical storage compartment for logs as well as a stylish, rectangular design. This particular design ensures good oxygen supply as well as looking visually pleasing. Ideal for any outdoor or garden area the Sanga XL can be enjoyed all year long and will be the central point for making long lasting, family memories.


Similar to the Sanga XL, the Vilos has the same rectangular, tapered design. It’s also available in the two colours, black and corten depending on the look you want to achieve. Measuring a height of 122cm the Vilos is a good sized fire place that has been built with style and practicality top of mind and also comes complete with the handy log compartment for easy wood access and storage.

Rengo XL

Unlike the Sanga XL and the Vilos with their rectangular design, the Rengo XL has beautifully rounded corners for a softer, yet durable look. Available in corten, with a 1.6mm steel outer layer and measuring 145cm the Rengo XL has been built to last. Similar to the Sanga XL and the Vilos, the Rengo XL also comes complete with the practical log compartment and will be a trusty fire place that will certainly provide hours of warmth and enjoyment all year long.

Round and square fire bowls

Measuring 80cm wide the round and square fire pits are suitable for both large and small gardens. Constructed using 1.6mm corten steel, these fire pits are not only robust they are contemporary and sleek in design and provide the perfect camp fire spot.

Shop our range of fire places in store and online today. We have two Melbourne showrooms, open 7 days – 337 Warrigal Road Cheltenham and Shop 4, 283 Old Geelong Road Hoppers Crossing.