How to best care for your cantilever umbrella

The following guide outlines installation and care of our cantilever umbrellas, step by step instructions on how to properly open and close them, along with important warranty information.

Installation and care of your umbrella

  • At least two people are required for the safe assembly of your umbrella
  • Our umbrellas are a non-permanent structure, do not use in extreme weather conditions
  • Ensure that the base is full of water prior to attaching the pole and at all times when in use
  • Install at ground level on a stable and even surface
  • Retract wheels into the base prior to opening the umbrella canopy, and for extended outdoor use
  • Please use the supplied base only – any modifications in set up or assembly will void warranty
  • When moving the umbrella, ensure that the canopy is down and secured to the pole prior to relocation
  • When not in use; close the canopy as directed, place a protective cover over it and store in a dry place. Ensure that the canopy is fully dry before storing
  • Do not use in windy conditions – damage to the umbrella as a result of excessive wind, including where winds have caused the umbrella to fall and sustain damage are not covered by the warranty
  • Do not leave the open umbrella unattended
  • When in the closed position, the canopy tie must be secured around the canopy and pole
  • Check for obstacles and allow ample room before expansion of the canopy when opening the umbrella. Damage to the umbrella or surrounding structures is not covered by the warranty
  • Please note, there will be some movement in the pole rotation when not in use. This allows flexibility in outdoor conditions and helps prevent damage to the bearing mechanism
  • All moving parts on the umbrella are best maintained with an annual application of silicone based lubricant

How to open the canopy

  1. Undo the ties from around the canopy and pole
  2. Wind up the canopy and raise the canopy arm; taking care not to over-wind

How to close the canopy

  1. Wind down the canopy and lower the canopy arm
  2. Secure close the canopy to the pole with the attached ties

Warranty information

  • Your umbrella comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • The warranty is for the original purchaser, valid from the date of purchase, covers domestic use and does not apply to commercial applications
  • The warranty covers repair or replacement of impacted pieces of the umbrella only
  • The warranty covers defects in manufacturing and materials, but specifically excludes:
    • Damage to the umbrella as a result of excessive wind, including where winds have caused the umbrella to fall and sustain damage
    • Damage resulting from misuse, modifications, cleaning, storage, transportation, product neglect or as a result of product being used outside its intended purpose
  • For all other questions, please contact our Customer Service team on 03 9583 3060 or

Our range

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