How to Accessorise your Billy Fresh Outdoor Umbrella

The Billy Fresh outdoor umbrella is a striped piece of fashion, providing shade, style and a place for good times in your outdoor area. To really liven up your space, we’ve compiled a list of a few matching accessories that will complement your Billy Fresh umbrella and impress your family and friends!

Firstly, start with one of our effortlessly stylish Billy Fresh umbrellas. Available in a range of colours and sizes there’s a Billy Fresh umbrella for everyone! A winner here at Billy Fresh HQ is our Sunny Marbella 2 metre, square outdoor umbrella. A popular piece, the 2 metre Sunny Marbella is a great choice for those who’d like to add colour and life to their area. It’s also a perfect size to be placed over a table whilst entertaining or relaxing.

Next, why not add in a yellow and white deck chair or two, to add underneath the umbrella or on another part of patio. Either way the combination of the deck chair and umbrella will brighten up any backyard.

Another idea is to keep a water proof, canvas bag filled with a towel for the pool if you have one, and some great books to read, ready for those quiet days under the umbrella. We love the idea of matching, so if you can find a bag that matches the stripes of your umbrella, you’re onto a winner!

Finally, to top it all off, add in an ice cold Pina Colada, call your friends, and hope for some sunny weather so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the Billy Fresh lifestyle.

We take pride in ensuring that our products are functional, deliver on quality and remain affordable. Check us out for yourself today, shop the Sunny Marbella and our entire range online today.

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