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Give Your Outdoor Furniture a Facelift

Give Your Outdoor Furniture a Facelift

Outdoor furniture can tear quicker than the indoor furniture. The effects from Mother Nature are inevitable and housekeeping may not be able to maintain their shades. When they get worn out, don’t give it away just yet! Perhaps it is time to give your outdoor furniture a facelift!

Revamp your outdoor furniture to create a new style! Here are some of the creative ideas to refresh that old atmosphere.

  • Paint it with a new color

The best thing about outdoor living is that you can use almost any color palette to enhance the furniture. The brighter, the better. If you want it to blend with the overall area, you can change the tones that can fit well with the environment. Today, paints are available in various finishes, from matte to glossy, from off-white to rustic. You can scuff and prepare the surface; and use a wire brush to begin working on the materials.

  • Replace the hardware

Did you know that a simple bronze knob can make a huge difference? Replacing hardware can change the outlook of your outdoor furniture. When buying the whole thing can take a lot of cash, you can simply change some subtle things like the knobs or vases could do the trick.

  • Change the slipcover

If your outdoor furniture consist of 2-seater sofas, you can simply change the slipcover. This is probably the most practical way to give your outdoor furniture a facelift. A change of color tone can create a different ambience to your space. You can also change the cushion’s fabrics. Pick colourful patterns or go with full monotone!

  • Repurpose things around the house

A chest drawer can turn into shelves and a tire can turn into a coffee table. It really uses up your own creativity to create brand new outdoor furniture from old material you have in your garage. Of course, it requires a bit of work but the result is satisfying.

  • Create a theme

If your backyard consists of metal chairs and an aluminium table and a wooden lounge, why not create a new theme, like ethnic or tribal. Of course, this requires an extensive makeover from the paints and plans; but the newly furnished set will revamp your outdoor space brilliantly!

  • Keep it natural

As much as you want to combine a futuristic design with a vintage style, it is best to set everything so that your backyard doesn’t look pretentious. Make sure to mix and match the furniture and give it some alternatives.

To revamp your outdoor furniture, it takes a plan and a hint of creativity. With a careful thought on detail, you can make the outdoor space your home’s feature.



10 Ideas under $200 to Decorate with Recycled Outdoor Furniture

10 Ideas under $200 to Decorate with Recycled Outdoor Furniture



Decorating your outdoor area does not take too much money indeed. You can make use of the things you already have or look for recycled furniture with a more attractive appearance and less cost. Here are some of the ideas to copy!

  1. Create your seats from gallon steel drums!

This amazing furniture collection compromises a very edgy design for your outdoor living. You can even use it for indoor furniture if you like. Dumped barrels are cheap and the overall set costs under $200.

  1. Painted pallets on walls

If your space does not have room for any vases for your flowers, why not paint wooden pallets and mount them on the walls. You can hang some plants to create a lush green outdoor look.

  1. Stools from wooden pallets

Pallets feature a solid structure made of wood. When you pile them up, you create a nice stool for a single-seater. Place a comfy cushion pad on top of the 4-storey pallets and you can obtain a very unique piece of furniture that works as an outdoor decorating item.

  1. coffee table from flat tire



It’s a surprising thing to know that you can really transform trash. This smartly designed coffee table uses a tire as the material. Getting one? It’s easy. Painting one? It’s fast! Simply pick a dominant colour in your space to paint the tire and put a glass on top plus 5 wheels at the bottom. You have a very distinctive piece of furniture that works as a decorative item, too!

  1. A fence of gardening tools



This makes a great prop for the outdoors, especially if you are into gardening. A fence can be your backboard to keep all your gardening tools and find what you are looking for in no time. The S hooks can help to declutter your space and keep you organized.

  1. Coffee table from a reclaimed window




For multi-purpose furniture, this recycled piece can do the trick. The reclaimed window has been transformed into a useful 4-leg coffee table that can keep your favorite books inside.

  1. Bookshelves from unused drawers

If your drawers take up too much space in your room, you can cut them and make functional bookshelves. The vintage drawers already have attractive textures with their typical rustic handles, hence, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into creating a very stylish outdoor furniture with this one.

  1. Awesome bench from 3 armchairs




Who would have thought that your old armchairs could turn into something new and functional! Put together your 3 armchairs and make a 3-seater bench to be placed on your patio. You don’t even have to change the colors and shapes.

9. Coffee table from 2 flower pots


This luxury design does not cost more than $200 for sure. Using the clay flower pots and sticking them together like this – you can have a very fashionable table in your backyard.

  1. Log lounge

Logs are not be just great for your fireplace but also to make a nice laid-back lounge chair right in the comfort of your home!

Enjoy your own party – outdoor kitchens make it fun!

Enjoy your own party – outdoor kitchens make it fun! Looking to include a kitchen within your outdoor area space? Well you’ve come to the right spot. Here we share with you a few ideas to including an outdoor kitchen within your outdoor area. You need not worry about missing most of your party. With an outdoor kitchen you’ll be right in the heart of it and enjoying good times with your special loved ones.

Enjoy your own party – outdoor kitchens make it fun!

Walking into your favorite appliance store and seeing all the shiny stainless steel outdoor kitchen appliances will make your head spin. Grills and ovens, griddles, cocktail stations, kegerators (beer stations), rotisseries, warming drawers, pizza ovens, smokers, range tops, refrigerators, wine keepers – you name it, it is now available as an outdoor kitchen appliance. Bringing the cooking and the kitchen outdoors, to enjoy the sunshine or the stars, is no longer an issue.


Outdoor living is becoming very popular and more people are sprucing up their backyards, giving them a face-lift and installing the best outdoor appliances they can afford. Manufacturers are designing their outdoor furniture to withstand the elements and give many years of great use. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs, something to suit everybody’s needs. Do not forget to check your local op shops or local garage sales for unique pieces that you may be able to restore.

Favorite Gathering Spot

More and more people, who are designing their outdoor spaces, are making the outdoor kitchen their main feature area. Decorating your outdoor kitchen is now easier than ever. As you walk through your local appliance store, you will see many styles and colors to choose from, in stainless steel, cast iron, brick ovens, and much more. The hardest part is deciding which style is your favourite!

Deciding what you would like in your outdoor kitchen is the first step. Are you tired of missing your own parties simply by being inside in the kitchen all night slaving away? This need not be an issue anymore. Now you can feel part of the group, and your guests may even be able to help you with the cooking throughout the day or night. Having an outdoor kitchen becomes a social gathering whereby all guests can take part. The fun and camaraderie of these outdoor gathering spots cannot be overstated. Everyone enjoys the outdoors and gatherings. Make your outdoor kitchen THE PLACE to be. The choice of outdoor kitchen style, colours, appliances and decorating ideas is endless. Take a look today and explore the endless opportunities that are out there.


Under Cover or Open-Air

If your outdoor living area will be under cover, you will have more choices of designs and materials from which to build. Under your covered outdoor living space, you can include an eating bar with beautiful lighting as well as outdoor ceiling fans. Of course, you can include beautiful eating bars for open-air outdoor kitchens, minus the ceiling fans.

For open-air outdoor kitchens, the outdoor kitchen designs are stunning. Stone facades, flagstone capstone, outdoor ovens recessed into stone or brick structures, warming drawers to keep your food and bread warm, or the beautiful wine chillers to keep your favourite wines at the right temperature – all the amenities of your indoor kitchen can now be at your fingertips.

If your outdoor kitchen and outdoor living area includes a beautiful fireplace, get cozy with family and friends and roast marshmallow, have a jam session or just chill and enjoy the conversation.

Final Touches

Dress up your outdoor kitchen with lots of bright, colorful flowers and potted trees.

Even adding an outdoor rug will provide your space with a cozy look and a touch of color and design.

Also, if you are fortunate to live by the ocean or on a beach, make sure, your outdoor kitchen and living area provide you optimum views for the greatest enjoyment. Add a specially designed outdoor speaker systems to set the mood and dance into the wee hours, listening to the waves rush up to the shore and back again, while sipping your favorite wine.