Give Your Outdoor Furniture a Facelift

Give Your Outdoor Furniture a Facelift

Outdoor furniture can tear quicker than the indoor furniture. The effects from Mother Nature are inevitable and housekeeping may not be able to maintain their shades. When they get worn out, don’t give it away just yet! Perhaps it is time to give your outdoor furniture a facelift!

Revamp your outdoor furniture to create a new style! Here are some of the creative ideas to refresh that old atmosphere.

  • Paint it with a new color

The best thing about outdoor living is that you can use almost any color palette to enhance the furniture. The brighter, the better. If you want it to blend with the overall area, you can change the tones that can fit well with the environment. Today, paints are available in various finishes, from matte to glossy, from off-white to rustic. You can scuff and prepare the surface; and use a wire brush to begin working on the materials.

  • Replace the hardware

Did you know that a simple bronze knob can make a huge difference? Replacing hardware can change the outlook of your outdoor furniture. When buying the whole thing can take a lot of cash, you can simply change some subtle things like the knobs or vases could do the trick.

  • Change the slipcover

If your outdoor furniture consist of 2-seater sofas, you can simply change the slipcover. This is probably the most practical way to give your outdoor furniture a facelift. A change of color tone can create a different ambience to your space. You can also change the cushion’s fabrics. Pick colourful patterns or go with full monotone!

  • Repurpose things around the house

A chest drawer can turn into shelves and a tire can turn into a coffee table. It really uses up your own creativity to create brand new outdoor furniture from old material you have in your garage. Of course, it requires a bit of work but the result is satisfying.

  • Create a theme

If your backyard consists of metal chairs and an aluminium table and a wooden lounge, why not create a new theme, like ethnic or tribal. Of course, this requires an extensive makeover from the paints and plans; but the newly furnished set will revamp your outdoor space brilliantly!

  • Keep it natural

As much as you want to combine a futuristic design with a vintage style, it is best to set everything so that your backyard doesn’t look pretentious. Make sure to mix and match the furniture and give it some alternatives.

To revamp your outdoor furniture, it takes a plan and a hint of creativity. With a careful thought on detail, you can make the outdoor space your home’s feature.



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