Outdoor fire place buying guide

Outdoor fire place buying guide – Enjoy your outdoor area all year long, especially during the winter months, with the help of an outdoor fire place or chiminea. Here at Outdoor Living Direct we sell a wide range of fire places available in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. Our extensive range of fire places are both strong and hard wearing as well as being beautiful and stylish. They will seamlessly fit into any existing outdoor space and create beautiful warmth and lasting memories with loved ones.

Sanga XL

The Sanga XL fire place is available in two different colours, black and corten. Measuring a height of 150cm the Sanga XL is a large fire place sure to keep you and yours warm all night long. The Sanga XL is made of durable, low maintenance steel with a heat resistant coating. Corten steel is also known as ‘weathering steel’ hence the brown-rust colouring. The Sanga XL also features a practical storage compartment for logs as well as a stylish, rectangular design. This particular design ensures good oxygen supply as well as looking visually pleasing. Ideal for any outdoor or garden area the Sanga XL can be enjoyed all year long and will be the central point for making long lasting, family memories.


Similar to the Sanga XL, the Vilos has the same rectangular, tapered design. It’s also available in the two colours, black and corten depending on the look you want to achieve. Measuring a height of 122cm the Vilos is a good sized fire place that has been built with style and practicality top of mind and also comes complete with the handy log compartment for easy wood access and storage.

Rengo XL

Unlike the Sanga XL and the Vilos with their rectangular design, the Rengo XL has beautifully rounded corners for a softer, yet durable look. Available in corten, with a 1.6mm steel outer layer and measuring 145cm the Rengo XL has been built to last. Similar to the Sanga XL and the Vilos, the Rengo XL also comes complete with the practical log compartment and will be a trusty fire place that will certainly provide hours of warmth and enjoyment all year long.

Round and square fire bowls

Measuring 80cm wide the round and square fire pits are suitable for both large and small gardens. Constructed using 1.6mm corten steel, these fire pits are not only robust they are contemporary and sleek in design and provide the perfect camp fire spot.

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Outdoor living in Autumn

Outdoor living in Autumn – Nothing beats a relaxing Summer night outside, but this need not change as the Autumn months approach. Yes, the nights will get cooler, but that doesn’t mean you need to move indoors. Rest assured it’s easy to extend the life of your outdoor area even as the nights cool off. Here we discuss a few ideas to make the most of the Autumn months ahead.

Add a fire pit for comfort and warmth

Ensure your outdoor Autumn nights are kept cosy and warm thanks to the help of an outdoor fire pit or fire place. There are a range of colours and styles available to keep you and your family warm. At Outdoor Living Direct we have a range of ornate fire pits and fire places that will seamlessly fit into any existing outdoor space. Fire pits create beautiful warmth and lasting memories with loved ones singing songs and toasting marshmallows.

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Update your outdoor furniture

Rest assured your current outdoor furniture has most likely had plenty of use over the Summer months. Is it time for an update? Here at Outdoor Living Direct we have an extensive range of outdoor dining sets, hanging chairs and modular lounges to suit any style, budget or space. We also have a wide range of aluminium furniture along with some beautiful timber pieces. Our friendly, trained staff will be able to help you choose the right piece for your space whilst sticking to your budget and overall personal style. Visit one of our two Melbourne showrooms to see our full range or visit us online today.

Accessorise for the cooler weather

With the cooler weather not far away, now is the perfect time to start thinking about making your outdoor space feel cosy and warm. Consider adding plush throw rugs or cushions for a warm, comfortable feel. Colours like orange, brown, gold or rust make the perfect choice when accessorizing for the Autumn months. Adding a candle to a coffee table or a string of fairy lights to a plant or railing can also instantly create a relaxed, intimate feel.

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Caring for your outdoor timber furniture

Caring for your outdoor timber furniture – Golden Care has over 20 years of history providing innovative care and timber maintenance solutions worldwide. Offering the largest selection of protectors, shields, cleaners, stain removers and wood colorants, Golden Care are the brand to know and trust when it comes to maintaining your outdoor timber. Here at Outdoor Living Direct we’re proud to partner with Golden Care to provide our customers with the number 1 choice in timber maintenance. We have a variety of products available both in store and online to help you maintain and care for your timber. Below are a list of these:

Golden Care teak protector

This easy to apply Teak Protector maintains the golden-brown colour of teak for a long time: up to 4 times longer than teak oil and up to twice as long as teak sealers.

This protector gives the teak a nice, natural colour after application compared to other teak oils which can often look too dark once applied. After applying this Teak Protector, we strongly recommend treating the surface with our Teak Shield to prevent stains.

Why is it so much better than teak oil/sealers:

– It maintains the honey brown colour of teak for a longer period of time

– Teak oil often causes black spots on the teak. Our protectors prevent black spots

– Our teak protector is not an oil and is not greasy, so clothes stay clean

– Most teak oils/sealers contain hazardous solvents/VOCs. Our protector is completely water based and solvent free: that is why it’s considered EcoSafe

Golden Care teak cleaner

A cleaner and brightner in one! Clean and restore discoloured, dark grey teak and hardwood, with the Golden Care Teak Cleaner. A water-based formula containing both a high concentrated cleaner, as well as brigtening ingredients guaranteed to restore teak/hardwood to it’s original, natural, golden colour.

Rather than using a separate cleaner and brightner, take the hassle out of maintaining your timber thanks to Golden Care. Golden Care is an all in one product that’s easy to apply and the results are sure to please.

Unlike most other teak cleaners on the market, the Golden Care Teak Cleaner is classified as non-hazardous and EcoSafe.

Golden Care teak shield

Help prevent stains while keeping the natural surface look of your timber with the help of the Golden Care teak shield.

An almost invisible wood barrier that makes it difficult for wine, olive oil, butter or coffee to seep into the timber. Designed for optimal penetration into dense, low porosity surfaces the Golden Care Teak Shield allows for moisture vapour transmission as well as acting as a mould and mildew inhibitor.

Golden Care multi surface outdoor furniture cleaner 1

Keep your outdoor furniture looking good as new thanks to the Golden Care Multi Surface Outdoor Furniture Cleaner.

Ideal for wicker, fibers, cushions, polywood, leatherlook and vinyl – simply spray the cleaner onto the surface and allow the application to soak for 30 seconds. Remove the dirt with a sponge or soft scrubbing brush, then rinse with water. Severely stained surfaces may require a second treatment.

EcoSafe and easy to use.

Golden Care fabric protector

Protect your outdoor fabrics with the Golden Care Upholstery and Fabric Protector.

This protector acts as a barrier to stains, dirt, water and moisture and will keep your outdoor fabrics looking good as new for years to come. To apply the Protector simply use a Golden Care application cloth in such a way that the fabric is completely soaked. Allow to dry before further use.

Ideal for outdoor fabrics, cushions and parasols. Easy to use, EcoSafe and comes complete with a +UV block.

Golden Care wicker protector

Protect your wicker outdoor furniture thanks to the Golden Care Synthetic Fibers and Wicker Protector.

Complete with a UV filter to prevent discolourisation the Golden Care Wicker Protector will also help to prevent stains and will maintain the look of your wicker for many years to come.

To use simply clean your wicker furniture with a soft brush, spray a thin layer of the Wicker Protector onto the surface and let it dry for 3 minutes. Once the 3 minutes is up wipe with a soft, dry cloth.

Golden Care application cloths

The Golden Care application cloths are an easy and effective way of applying the cleaner, protector or shield to your outdoor products. Simply spray or apply the cleaner, protector or shield and wipe using the application cloth. Once complete rinse the cloth and hang to dry.

Golden Care scrubbing pads

The Golden Care brown scrubbing pads are ideal for cleaning teak and other hardwoods. Simply spray or apply the cleaner, protector or shield and clean using the scrubbing pad. Once complete rinse the pad and wait to dry.

The Golden Care white scrubbing pads are ideal for cleaning non wood outdoor products. Simply spray or apply the cleaner, protector or shield and clean using the scrubbing pad. Once complete rinse the pad and wait to dry.

Shop the entire Golden Care range in store or online at Outdoor Living Direct today.

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