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5 ways to decorate an outdoor table.

Warmer weather is approaching (we promise!) and so is outdoor entertaining with family and friends. Below we showcase 5 ways to decorate an outdoor table to help make your next dinner party a winner.

Reuse and recycle

Decorating an outdoor table doesn’t need to cost a fortune! Freshly cut flowers from your garden look great in a vase or even pop down to your local op shop and grab a funky table cloth or some mis-match place mats to create a rustic, vintage look and feel. Decorations made with broken, old or useless items that clutter your shed or outdoor area can be recycled and turned into creative table pieces that not only look good, but add a personal touch to any outdoor dinner party.


Rustic inspired

When it comes to rustic inspired outdoor table decor the key is in the detail. Lace matched with burlap, mis-match vases filled with large blooms, wooden logs and shabby chic pieces can all be used to create this re-purposed, vintage look. The use of chairs in different shapes and styles can also help to complete the rustic look.


Light it up

Lighting is critical, especially at night when you have no natural light to play with. Using atmospheric subtle lights is the best way to go. Decorative lanterns work exceptionally well adding character, colour and warmth to any table.

Or why not consider scattering some beautifully scented candles to create a warm, atmospheric ambiance. Candles are available in a range of colours, shapes, sizes and scents and are sure to create a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing look within any space.


Fairy lights or string lights can also be draped around an outdoor room or table and are perfect for parties or Christmas time, or just some fun lighting that everyone enjoys. Hanging lights off a tree branch also creates a beautiful, rustic glow and partners perfectly over a vintage inspired outdoor table setting.


Bold and bright

Add a splash of colour to your table for a fun, vibrant look and feel. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different palettes, textures, patterns and styles and let your personality shine!


Vivid blues, pinks, yellows and greens will give your table a bold, bright look. As will a vase filled with brightly coloured flowers partnered with matching placements and napkins to complete the look. Colourful outdoor furniture will also create a sense of paradise and brighten up any outdoor area.


Neutral palette

A neutral palette may be more your style. Create a statement by opting for natural shades such as whites and creams. Natural coloured linen and crockery matched with cream flowers, touches of lace and timber furniture all help to create a setting that accentuates your outdoor area and its natural surrounds.


All images via Pinterest.

Our favourite space saving outdoor pieces.

Our favourite space saving outdoor pieces. Is your outdoor area limited in space? Do you find yourself wondering whether you can even fit outdoor furniture into your area? Regardless of how much space you have at home, outdoor furniture was made to be enjoyed by everyone in any area! Often people who live in small apartment, high rise buildings feel like they can’t enjoy outdoor furniture in comparison to someone who has a spacious outdoor decked area. This is by far not the case.

In this blog we’ll discuss outdoor furniture options to suit those who have smaller outdoor areas. Here at Outdoor Living Direct we have something to cater for everyone and every budget. We offer modern, traditional, contemporary, well designed pieces at affordable prices so depending on the size of your space we have something for you!

When it comes to styling a smaller outdoor area, space saving solutions tend to be a winner! Nothing beats furniture that stores easily and saves on space! At Outdoor Living Direct we love our space saving Solana 44 cubed dining set.

When not in use all pieces of the Solana fold into one another to create a compact dining solution. The stools slide neatly under the chairs, whilst the chairs have a folding backrest and can be slid under the table creating a compact cubed set.


Stackable outdoor chairs are also a great space saving solution and are ideal for people who have a small outdoor area. Here at Outdoor Living Direct we have a couple of different stackable chair varieties.

Firstly the Clydebank dining chairs stack making these ideal for people living in high rise, apartment buildings, where outdoor space may be limited. Rather than having the chairs sitting out, potentially getting in the way, simply stack the chairs on top of one another to create a free standing tower. An easy, stress free storage solution.

1080x530 clydebank chair brn ivory

Similar to the Clydebank dining chair, our Carlita round back dining chairs also stack, again making these ideal for apartment living.


The Marion, a cute 3-piece café set, has been designed to offer comfort whilst using minimal room on a balcony or alfresco area. All pieces fold flat when not in use creating an effective space saving solution.


1080x530_marion_chair_folded        1080x530_marion_table_folded

For a modern, contemporary look why not consider the foldable 3 piece bistro set in either black or white. Similar to the Marion, this set folds when not in use and is an effective space saving option when it comes to styling a small outdoor area.


At the end of the day, there are plenty of options for smaller, balcony or patio areas. Space need not be an issue! With a bit of research you can find something that will enhance your area and add enjoyment to the lives of you and those around you.