10 Ideas under $200 to Decorate with Recycled Outdoor Furniture

10 Ideas under $200 to Decorate with Recycled Outdoor Furniture


Source: homecrux.com

Decorating your outdoor area does not take too much money indeed. You can make use of the things you already have or look for recycled furniture with a more attractive appearance and less cost. Here are some of the ideas to copy!

  1. Create your seats from gallon steel drums!

This amazing furniture collection compromises a very edgy design for your outdoor living. You can even use it for indoor furniture if you like. Dumped barrels are cheap and the overall set costs under $200.

  1. Painted pallets on walls

If your space does not have room for any vases for your flowers, why not paint wooden pallets and mount them on the walls. You can hang some plants to create a lush green outdoor look.

  1. Stools from wooden pallets

Pallets feature a solid structure made of wood. When you pile them up, you create a nice stool for a single-seater. Place a comfy cushion pad on top of the 4-storey pallets and you can obtain a very unique piece of furniture that works as an outdoor decorating item.

  1. coffee table from flat tire


Source: http://www.muyingenioso.com/

It’s a surprising thing to know that you can really transform trash. This smartly designed coffee table uses a tire as the material. Getting one? It’s easy. Painting one? It’s fast! Simply pick a dominant colour in your space to paint the tire and put a glass on top plus 5 wheels at the bottom. You have a very distinctive piece of furniture that works as a decorative item, too!

  1. A fence of gardening tools


Source: btchwstix.blogspot.com

This makes a great prop for the outdoors, especially if you are into gardening. A fence can be your backboard to keep all your gardening tools and find what you are looking for in no time. The S hooks can help to declutter your space and keep you organized.

  1. Coffee table from a reclaimed window



Source: ohgloryvintage.com

For multi-purpose furniture, this recycled piece can do the trick. The reclaimed window has been transformed into a useful 4-leg coffee table that can keep your favorite books inside.

  1. Bookshelves from unused drawers

If your drawers take up too much space in your room, you can cut them and make functional bookshelves. The vintage drawers already have attractive textures with their typical rustic handles, hence, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into creating a very stylish outdoor furniture with this one.

  1. Awesome bench from 3 armchairs



Source: thegardenglove.com

Who would have thought that your old armchairs could turn into something new and functional! Put together your 3 armchairs and make a 3-seater bench to be placed on your patio. You don’t even have to change the colors and shapes.

9. Coffee table from 2 flower pots


This luxury design does not cost more than $200 for sure. Using the clay flower pots and sticking them together like this – you can have a very fashionable table in your backyard.

  1. Log lounge

Logs are not be just great for your fireplace but also to make a nice laid-back lounge chair right in the comfort of your home!

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