How to create an on trend outdoor area at your home

How to create an on trend outdoor area at your home – A trend that’s showing no sign of slowing down is the creation of a permanent outdoor living space that extends and flows on from the rest of the home. Outdoor rooms are a wonderful way of extending your living space and with a bit of planning and design you can instantly turn your garden or deck into a luxurious outdoor living space. The outdoor area of a home has come a long way. Rather than simply being a place to hang your laundry or an area to plant a few plants, outdoor rooms are now being embraced by home owners and are becoming a natural extension of the home. By doing this you are essentially creating another living area within the home which is only going to help you financially down the track if you ever decide to sell.

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Creating this outdoor space need not be hard. Below are a few tips to help you create an area that flows on from the inside of your home creating a dynamic unity between the two.

Firstly a little planning will go a long way. Considerations to make note of:

  • How much space do you have and where is it situated in relation to your home?
  • Where will the area start and finish is relation to your home?
  • Are there any structural elements needed or already existing which will affect your design?
  • What is the purpose of your outdoor space? What do you intend to do within the space?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is your time frame?
  • What will the area look like?
  • What aspects from the inside of your home do you intend to recreate?
  • Who will be using the area


Consider how much space you have to work with and if need be create different zones within the area. If you plan to build a deck or a pool consider their location in comparison to your house and the rest of your outdoor space. It’s also important to work out at this stage what other structures you would like included within the design such as walls, steps, decking, concrete, grass, blinds, sheds, plants or water features.

As well as thinking about the structures you would like to include also consider any existing structures that may effect your design.


Next ask yourself ‘what will this area be used for? Is your intention to create a relaxing outdoor oasis to sit back and unwind or do you intend to use the space for entertaining family and friends or maybe it could be both. Whatever the purpose may be consider all aspects and use this time to plan and design wisely.

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The next step is to consider your budget and the materials in which you will use to create this space. Ask yourself how much money do I have to work with? Create a list of what you intend to do within the space and factor in all of these costings. Sticking to a budget is important and will ensure your project runs smoothly and effortlessly. Researching various materials and methods at this stage can be quite handy in determining what will work and what won’t in terms of your budget.

Time frame

Depending on the size of the project, you may want to carry out certain projects in phases to suit your budget and time frame. Or you may be working toward a certain date in which you need the space complete. Whatever the reason planning your time wisely is essential in creating a stress free project.


Style is another important consideration. What will your area look like? What colours will you use? Will you continue your internal house colours outside creating a natural flow from the inside out? What is your personal style? What do you like and dislike? What kind of furniture will you use to fill the space? Asking yourself these questions will determine the look and feel of your space and will help to make important design and style decisions throughout the project.

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Also ask yourself who will be using the area? Adults, kids, both?

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Will it be a space for entertaining? Will it be a space for relaxing? And will there be different zones for the adults and the kids? If kids will be using the space it’s important to consider safety factors at this point of the planning stage. If you intend to install a pool for example ensure you adhere to the safety guidelines when it comes to fencing. If your plan is to build a deck ensure you have adequate railing and all safety guidelines are met.

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