Moama on Murray

We wanted to relate a story that restores your faith in human nature.

Very close friends of Outdoor Living Direct recently had a family emergency – one of the kids suffered a very serious medical condition and was admitted to intensive care. This was a harrowing time for all. Thankfully the child is doing much better, and although is still in hospital, looks like achieving an excellent outcome.

The family was due to travel on Monday to the Murray river for a family houseboat holiday. Obviously, this has had to be postponed, as they simply can’t travel with a child still in hospital. The houseboat company – “Moama on Murray” – was contacted by a family friend who explained the situation. Although not legally obliged to do so, “Moama on Murray”, agreed to accept the late cancellation and they offered a refund of the full payment of the trip when they were informed of the reasons.   The company didn’t have to refund anything but did so because they are run and owned by good people.

So if you’re thinking of a great holiday on the Murray River, please consider “Moama on Murray” – they’re great people. You can contact them here:

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