How to choose the perfect cushions for your outdoor space


In Australia our outdoor areas are often just as important as the interior rooms of the house. With warm weather for most of the year round, our outdoor spaces have become a place where people spend a large portion of their free time. With this in mind, decorating our outdoor areas for both style and comfort is vitally important. However, it can be difficult to find a balance between what looks good, and what is practical for an outdoor setting. Things like weather resistance and durability simply must be considered when purchasing any outdoor furniture.

One sure way to brighten up an outdoor space is by using outdoor cushions. Cushions are an excellent way to decorate any room simply because they are so versatile. They can add a splash of colour to a dull or dreary space or they can pull together the central colours of a busy looking space and create harmony from chaos. With this in mind, we’re going to look at all the things you need to consider when purchasing cushions for your outdoor space.

Consider your space

The first thing to do is have a good hard look at the area they are intended for. Is it a bit drab and in need of some colour? Or is it bright and busy but missing soft furnishings? The majority of the time it’s probably going to be the former as most outdoor areas, by their very nature, aren’t as well decorated as interiors. If this is the case then you are working with a blank canvas and you can really get creative with your colour selection.

If your outdoor space does already have some colour then take a good look and see if you can identify 2-3 central colour tones. You want to use these colours to help select the cushions you will buy. If you stick to these colours, your will be amazed at the effect it can have on your outdoor area.


The next thing to do is to consider the type of material you may need. If your outdoor area is well covered and isn’t affected by the elements such as sun or rain then it is ok to choose a traditionally indoor cushion material, such as cotton, linen, synthetic or even silk. You can find an extensive range of such cushions at Simply Cushions.

If however, your cushions will be exposed to the great outdoors, even if just a little bit, then it’s better to look for something more substantial that will be able to endure these conditions. A good choice is material such as cotton canvas or duck canvas as these are much more durable and hard wearing than linen or cotton canvas. If you are a creative type and like the idea of making your own cushions, these materials also dye very easily.


Finally, you can now consider the style of cushion that you want. If you have identified that your outdoor space is in need of some colour, then a collection of different coloured striped cushions can be an excellent option. Stripes are often associated with nautical and outdoor activities and they are a subtle way to add colour to your outdoor area. If you are searching for 2-3 colours as selected in the process above, then get creative with this process, you don’t have to find cushions that have all three colours. Often it’s best to find one or two that have 2-3 of the colours and then rest can be block cushions with just one colour. If you get the balance right, it really is a great way to pull together a busy room and harmonise the style.

One last tip is this: don’t be scared to mix up the size and shapes of cushions within your new collection. Have some large square cushions along with some smaller squares and rectangles is a great way to add depth to your outdoor area.

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