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Genuine savings on our exclusive range of quality outdoor furniture Perth at factory direct prices. Discount delivery to Perth, which is the most isolated mainland capital city in the world, and the second-most isolated capital city after Honolulu. The city is closer to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, than it is to Australia’s own capital Canberra. With an average of 8 hours of sunshine every day, all year round, some say Perth is also the world’s sunniest capital city.

Perth has a classic Mediterranean climate, and has more days of sunshine than any other major Australian city. Locals sometimes speak of “the Fremantle Doctor”: this is a cooling southwesterly breeze that comes in of a summer afternoon. Blocks are large in Perth, providing ample space for both gardens and for outdoor entertaining areas.

These factors combine to make Perth a great place to live and entertain outdoors.

Climate and Seasons

The Bureau of Meteorology places Perth at the southern edge of a subtropical climate zone.

While Perth may not get quite so cold in the middle of the year as bigger city rivals Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, the seasons still follow a noticeable summer, autumn, winter and spring pattern. The winter is not terribly severe: average high temperatures between June and August might dip barely below 20 degrees, however these months are far rainier than the rest of the year.

The wetness of the winter will probably make it the time of year when you most appreciate being indoors. The remaining nine months of the year are warm and dry. So long as you plan your plants and furniture right to provide comfort and shelter from the hammering summer sun, you should be well placed to enjoy your outdoor area for most of the year.

Planning an Outdoor Area in Perth

For much of the year, Perth is very hot, sunny and dry. For this reason, shade should be a primary consideration when planning an outdoor area. Shade can be obtained from trees, fixed structures such as patios, or removable solutions such as umbrellas.

When planning your outdoor area, care should given to consider the water needs of your plants. Much of the Perth metropolitan area is built on ancient sand dunes. This makes for a very hydrophobic, sandy soil that retains moisture and nutrients poorly. If you are planning a total backyard or garden makeover, you may want to consider improving the soil first. With Perth being very hot and dry for most of the year, any improvement to the wettability and water retention of your soil will improve the water efficiency of your garden and the health of your plants. If you think your soil might need improvement, do this before planting out a new garden or establishing a new lawn. Local natives are well suited to Perth’s hot, dry, sandy conditions.

Lawn areas are popular as they provide a great multi-use area for entertaining and for kids and pets to play. A well-planned lawn can also have a cooling effect on the home, reducing the need for air conditioning. When planning a new lawn area in Perth, care should be taken to select a suitable grass seed that isn’t too thirsty.

Selecting the Right Outdoor Furniture Perth

With so much sunshine in Perth, UV resistance is a very important consideration. Materials like polyethylene rattan stand up to the hammering UV rays very well, as do aluminium and stainless steel.

Perth has a reputation as a daring and affluent town, which might make it the perfect place to consider bold colours and striking, modern designs.

Furniture Suggestions for Perth

Shade is a necessity in Perth during the summer: Umbrellas address this need perfectly.

Once you’ve got your area well shaded, we highly recommend a hammock. Choose a hammock made from a strong, comfortable and UV resistant fabric, then combine it with a well-chilled beverage and some time away from work.

If you’re going to entertain guests, you could opt for a dining setting, or if you feel your left coast residence could do with something a bit more out of left field, why not combine a dining table with some outdoor bean bags and some swivel chairs?

Furniture Delivery to Perth

Outdoor Living Direct supplies quality outdoor furniture Perth and surrounding areas.

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