Our Guide to Outdoor Furniture in Hobart

Genuine savings on our exclusive range of quality outdoor furniture at factory direct prices. Discount delivery to Hobart: Australia’s second oldest city, and it’s southernmost capital.

By Australian standards, Hobart has a relatively small population and a relatively long history. These factors combine to mean that period architecture features more prominently here than in other Australian state capitals that experienced much stronger population growth in the second half of the twentieth century. Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian architecture contribute greatly to the tone and character of life in this city.

Hobart offers a very high standard of living: residents have managed to avoid many of the housing affordability problems of other Australian cities, and enjoy great access to food and produce, including incredible fresh fish, strawberries, boutique wines, craft beers, handcrafted cheeses, chocolates, single malt whiskies and more. With such excellent tucker on offer, it’s little wonder that a nice day in Hobart can make the prospect of enjoying the good life in great company out in the backyard not just tempting.. but completely irresistible.

Climate and Seasons

The Bureau of Meteorology classes Hobart as a temperate climate city.

Hobart has the coldest winters of any Australian state capital. It rarely snows in inner Hobart. Snow is somewhat more common in outer suburbs higher up on Mount Wellington. The top of Mount Wellington can often be seen with a snowcap.

Spring in Hobart is usually a real mix of weather. Longer, warmer sunny days bring a preview of what’s to come, while the crisp Antarctic winds provide a reminder of what’s just been.

Summer in Hobart is relatively mild, with long sunny days, making it the perfect time of year to enjoy life outside. The summer lingers a while in Hobart, with autumn weather not properly starting until late March or even April.

Hobart is a low rainfall city – the only state capital with less rainfall is Adelaide. This rainfall is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year.

Planning an Outdoor Area in Hobart

Tasmania has a climate that more closely resembles the English climate than anywhere else in Australia. Many of our ideas about what constitutes a good garden were brought over from England, and these ideas find a better home here than on the mainland.

Hobart is also a little more welcoming to those that wish to indulge in a thirsty garden or to enjoy ponds, fountains and other water features: the kind of strict water restrictions on domestic use that most mainlanders are well used to living with don’t exist here. In January and February 2007, Hobart residents were asked to restrict their outdoor watering to every second day, and at the time of writing these were the last set of water restrictions that Hobart residents had to contend with. With roughly 2% of Australia’s population and 12% of Australia’s fresh water resources, Tasmania as a whole has fewer of the water use anxieties that you’ll find in the mainland state capitals.

Selecting the Right Outdoor Furniture for Hobart

If you’re one of the many Hobart residents lucky enough to live in a period home, select outdoor furniture to match it. Outdoor Living Direct’s range of Edwardian style lounge settings are a brilliant match for many Hobart homes built in the first decade of the twentieth century, while built from a modern polyethylene rattan to provide a 21st century standard of durability, comfort and resistance to UV and rain that customers have come to rightly expect. There’s no need to rule out pieces with a more explicitly modern styling, however: when chosen well, these can provide a striking and elegant contrast to a relaxed and gorgeous heritage backyard.

Over the course of a calendar year, Hobart goes from in the middle of a gorgeous, lasting summer, reaches some of the iciest depths of winter that Australia has to offer, before warming up again to repeat the cycle anew. For this reason, outdoor living in this part of the world is best approached as a seasonal activity. Select your outdoor furniture with a view not only to the enjoyment you’ll get from it through those times of year when it will see good use, but also with regard to what you’ll do with it during the off-season. You may wish to choose something stackable for easy storage during the winter, or you might feel it’s simpler to cover it up.

Furniture Suggestions for Hobart

Having a hanging pod chair or two in your backyard can provide the perfect comfort and pace during a day off in the Hobart summer. A pod chair can also be a great place to rug up with someone special when it’s not so warm.

Some sort of dining table or outdoor setting will definitely come in handy for when you want to invite friends and family over for a bite to eat, a cool refreshing beverage, and some great company in relaxed and stylish comfort on a nice day outside.

If your household includes a family member of the four-legged, waggy-tailed variety, you may wish to consider one of our beanbag dog beds. These are waterproof and flea proof, and will help keep man’s best friend cool through summer, and nice and cosy warm through the cold Hobart winter.

Furniture Delivery to Hobart

Outdoor Living Direct supplies quality outdoor furniture direct to Hobart and surrounding areas.

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