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Genuine savings on our exclusive range of quality outdoor furniture Brisbane at factory direct prices. Cheap delivery to Brisbane - our country's 3rd largest city, and our northernmost state capital. It's also the most populous part of South East Queensland, Australia's fastest growing region.

Initially established in the early 19th century as a prison to send recidivist convicts from Sydney, and serving as a major Allied military position in World War 2, Brisbane has now grown to be a young, modern, vibrant and cosmopolitan centre of business and culture.

Queensland is known as "The Sunshine State", and Brisbane is the capital for good reason: alfresco dining is both possible and popular all year around, and there's never a bad time of year to enjoy the good life in the great outdoors.

Climate and Seasons

The Bureau of Meteorology places Brisbane in a subtropical climate zone.

Though Brisbane does not get the same variation in temperature as more southern Australian cities, it still follows a noticeable spring, summer, autumn and winter pattern.

Brisbane's winter is very mild with few rainy days and temperatures still reaching the mid-twenties. In other state capitals, winter is a time to take refuge from the cold in the cosy warmth of the great indoors. In Brisbane, however, this can be one of the best times of year to relax and entertain outdoors.

The Brisbane summer can be a scorcher! Stay hydrated and be very careful not to get sunburn or worse. The middle of the day through to late afternoon can be uncomfortably hot in Brisbane anyway. At this time of year, you will likely want to take refuge inside and wait until early evening to enjoy the warm weather outside.

Planning an Outdoor Area in Brisbane

Brisbane is capable of both extended drought and severe rains leading to waterlogging: the past decade has seen both. This can be a challenge to plan an outdoor area suited to both, especially as the drought periods will lead to the sort of high level water restrictions that severely curtail when and how you can water your garden. Local natives adapted to local conditions a long time ago, so you may wish to consider planting these. You may be eligible for free native plants courtesy of the Brisbane City Council.

Shade is definitely an important factor in the capital city of the Sunshine State. You want to be comfortable. You don't want to get burnt or get a stroke. When planning the layout of your outdoor entertaining area, give some thought to how you're going to stay out of direct sunlight while enjoying the space.

Selecting the Right Outdoor Furniture Brisbane

As a fast-growing metropolis with a long history - by Australian standards anyway - Brisbane is home to a divergent array of architectural styles. Select your outdoor furniture Brisbane to match the house you live in. If you live in an iconic Federation Queenslander then some Edwardian style polyethylene rattan may complement the house perfectly while providing the comfort, durability and UV resistance of a modern material. Brisbane is also home to a lot of modernist architecture from the mid-twentieth century, which may be better matched with a cube setting.

Furniture Suggestions for Brisbane

An umbrella is not the only shade solution there is, but it's often the most practical one. Shade is an absolute necessity in Brisbane backyards.

Once you've got your shade sorted out, you'll want somewhere to lay down! An outdoor bean bag might be the perfect way to relax in the subtropics.

Furniture Delivery to Brisbane

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