Quality Outdoor Furniture Adelaide

Genuine savings on our exclusive range of quality outdoor furniture Adelaide at factory direct prices. Discount delivery to Adelaide, which offers a big city lifestyle without the kind of gridlock that Melbournites or Sydneysiders are used to contending with: some nickname it the "20 minutes" city, due to the fact that almost any major location in the metropolis is accessible within 20 minutes of everywhere else.

Adelaide has a warm Mediterranean climate with not a lot of rain, a free-thinking and free-spirited attitude, and plenty of backyard space. Adelaide is encircled by the Clare Valley, Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale wine regions, and is also home to the Cooper's brewery, meaning that locals are never too short of a quality drop. The city has also had a long history of multicultural influences that reaches back to the arrival of German Lutherans in 1838, enriching the local food culture. It's little wonder then that this is such a popular place to entertain and relax outside.

Climate and Seasons

The Bureau of Meteorology places Adelaide in a temperate climate zone, not far south of a subtropical climate zone.

For 9 months of the year, Adelaide is warm and sunny. This famous sunshine takes a bit of a holiday during winter. The winter is milder than what you'll find in Melbourne or Hobart, but is still probably a great opportunity to enjoy the cosy warmth of the indoors. Most of Adelaide rarely sees snow in the winter, although up in the Adelaide Hills it is a little more common.

Adelaide occasionally has long heatwaves in the summer: in February 2014, there were 13 days over 40 degrees. Mostly, though, summer days in Adelaide average a much more comfortable daily maximum of 29 degrees.

Adelaide is a very dry city, getting less rainfall than any other state capital. Rainy days are more common between June and August - a time of year where it's too cold for most to want to spend much time outside anyway. For most of the year, Adelaide has plenty of sunny, rainless days ideal for outdoor living.

Planning an Outdoor Area in Adelaide

Rainwater is scarce in Adelaide, and during times of severe water shortage residents will be subject to water restrictions. Level 3 water restrictions in Adelaide allow householders to water their gardens by hand only once per week. For this reason, it can be a good idea to choose plants that can survive a dry period.

Adelaide's ample sunshine also means that it's important to be sunsmart. Make some provision for shade when planning your outdoor area. This will allow you to enjoy your outdoor furniture in comfort, without frying to a crisp.

Selecting the Right Outdoor Furniture Adelaide

Much of Adelaide's population growth has in recent years been accommodated by “infill development”, where detached houses are demolished and the block is subdivided with semi-attached housing built upon it. This means that many outdoor areas in Adelaide have started to shrink. If your backyard is of the compact and cosy variety then it can be worth looking at furniture options that economise on space, such as a cube setting or a balcony set.

Furniture Suggestions for Adelaide

Adelaide's long, sunny, rainless days make hanging around in a pod chair a great way to idle away the day.

If you're looking to entertain a few guests outside - or just feel like having the family dinner there on a nice day - then consider a wicker dining setting. Polyethylene rattan is a great, durable, weather resistant material that is UV resistant: something important under the hammering rays of the sun in this part of the world.

Furniture Delivery to Adelaide

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