Turn that uninspired garden corner into a stylish, modern space

Turn that uninspired garden corner into a stylish, modern space. Our home is the most sacred place in our lives. It is a place where we relax, find comfort and return to after a hard day’s work. Each home is different and each home is an expression of the owner’s personality and style. Every part of the home also has its own importance for the person living there.

Many times while designing our outdoor spaces, we tend to focus on the areas we spend most time or the areas that are highly visible, such as the front yard or the back yard. But what about those areas that aren’t highly visible or that you don’t spend a lot of time in. What’s happening to those? Are they being neglected and unloved? If the answer’s yes, then we have some tips to turn this neglected area into a space you’re sure to be proud of.


Firstly we’ll touch on garden corners. These types of corners are free from walking traffic, allowing plants and flowers to grow beautifully without any disturbance. There are many ways to enhance a garden corner. Why not fill the corner of your garden with a large, colourful pot filled with a beautiful tall plant to create an eye catching space or even try planting a lemon tree and watch it flourish and come to life over time.

Image source: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-QpixRo1Shu0/UW8P4TTa1XI/AAAAAAAAAOY/LeYv-GoaG_M/s1600/IMG_5423.JPG

Another alternative could be to section off the corner using large rocks and planting a variety of herbs to create your very own herb garden. All of these practical ideas are sure to brighten any garden and provide your space with the life and facelift it deserves.

Water features:

The addition of water structures such as water fountains, rock pools and water falls is a great way of decorating the corner of any outdoor area. Depending on the size, water features need not take up too much space allowing you to create a natural looking habitat amongst your garden. For added effect why not install spot lights around your water feature. The lighting will enhance your water feature and provide you with extra lighting whilst entertaining at night.

Image source: http://internetgardens-us.com/subscription_area/images/2011_Batch2/web_image0000038A.jpg

Sitting area:

Another solution to transforming a tired, uninspired garden corner could be to create a stylish, modern seating area. Utilizing the space in this way means you, your family and your guests have another alternative when it comes to sitting outdoors. Finish with some funky cushions, a coloured pot and a coat of paint and in no time you’ll have a contemporary outdoor area suitable for entertaining and relaxing.

Image source: http://www.smittenstudioonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/patio-lounge-built-in-benches-smittenstudio11.jpg


Or why not use the corner of your outdoor area to showcase an outdoor storage solution. Sheds are commonly placed in the corner of an outdoor area and are a great solution when it comes to storing outdoor items and protecting them from the weather. To avoid your shed becoming an eye-sore, surround it with plants and garden beds to create a unified landscaped area.

garden shed
Image source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-79SExmOyBd8/TaJcmEB6aEI/AAAAAAAAACA/RIScTus9c9U/s400/garden+shed.jpg

Another storage solution is an outdoor cushion box. Many outdoor areas have outdoor furniture with included cushions. To prolong the life of the cushion fabric, why not place your cushions in an outdoor cushion box. This will ensure your fabric stays looking good as new for many years to come.

So if your outdoor garden corners are looking a little neglected why not take up some of these ideas and transform your area into a space you’ll want to show off for many years to come.

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