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Many Bothans Died to Bring us These Decorating Tips

Star Wars 4th May

Many Bothans Died to Bring us These Decorating Tips

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..

..one of the greatest stories ever known was told.  An epic tale of good and evil, of struggle and triumph, of duty and sacrifice, of corruption and redemption, of tyranny and rebellion, of loyalty and betrayal, of spaceships and asteroids, of friendship and rivalry, of monsters and robots, of heros and scoundrels, of love and lasers, of ancient mysteries and consistently poor marksmanship.

The first Star Wars film screened 37 years ago, and since then the epic space trilogy has delighted audiences across generations and throughout the world.  Star Wars references are deeply embedded in popular culture and indeed even into the English language itself.  Casual references to the themes and characters of the films permeate daily life, and are made with the assumption that every listener will understand.  Quotes from the films are now an inextricable part of the lexicon: we’d all speak very differently without phrases like “Evil empire”, “May the force be with you”, “Laugh it up, fuzzball!”, “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy” and “Do or do not, there is no try”.  The cultural impact of these three films is almost too vast to measure.

(Let’s not mention the prequels.)

Over the decades, one burning question has long frustrated fans and critics alike: how would the inhabitants of the Star Wars universe have furnished their outdoor entertaining areas?  For far too long, this question has been met with no reply.  We’re here to change that.  May the 4th is Star Wars Day, and here on the Outdoor Living Direct blog, we’re bringing the noise!

Of course, no single configuration of outdoor furniture can be ideal for all locations in the Star Wars universe.  The grand scope of the franchise takes in a extraordinary range of landscapes and climate conditions, from the arid to the frozen to the verdant to the waterlogged.  Here’s our guide to outdoor decorating in some of these areas:


Tatooine is an old planet on the Outer Rim territories and consists largely of dry sandy deserts.  It is depicted as a desolate and often lawless frontier backwater, peopled by criminals, nomads and moisture farmers.  Tatooine’s apparent isolation makes it a tempting refuge for those anxious to avoid prying eyes.  For this reason the planet is home to several key characters in the Star Wars saga, including Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Jabba the Hutt.

Tatooine orbits two suns, Tatoo I and Tatoo II.  This abundance of sunlight, combined with the lack of any appreciable tree cover on most of the planet, means that the shade provided by a good solid outdoor umbrella is essential to a comfortable entertaining area.  Cantilever umbrellas provide a less cluttered shaded area by keeping the pole out of the way to the side, and for this reason they should be at the very top of the shopping list for any Tatooine homeowner planning on remodelling the backyard.

Once you’ve got your shade sorted, it’s time to start looking for the ideal outdoor setting.  The rattan on our Grange 7 piece dining setting is UV resistant.  This is particularly useful on a planet with two suns.  This will round out the perfect area for the tired moisture farmer looking for somewhere to enjoy some blue milk while taking refuge from the harsh rays of double noon on Tatooine.


Dagobah is an outer rim planet in the Dagobah System teeming with lifeforms, but totally devoid of any cities or technology.  It was home to Jedi Master Yoda during his exile, after he discovered the system as one of 37 that had been deleted from the Jedi Archives.

Dagobah is a swampy, dank, muddy and humid place.  There’s barely a dry spot of ground on it.  It’s densely wooded though, and that means you have plenty of trees to hang a hammock from.  Hammocks don’t only provide an unbeatably comfy place to recline, they also keep you out of the warm stagnant water below.  This gives you a little bit of distance from all the leeches and pathogens it might be playing host to.  Back here on planet Earth, hammocks have been used for much the same reason by troops serving in jungle areas.

It’s also important to keep the moisture in mind when choosing an outdoor dining table for such an environment.  Our Consuela dining table is constructed from heavy gauge, high grade 304 stainless steel and a beautifully varnished plantation teak top, and is impervious to rust, rot or mildew, making it ideal for outdoor entertaining on Dagobah.

The Forest Moon of Endor

The Forest Moon of Endor, also known as the Sanctuary Moon, is the outermost of nine moons orbiting the gas planet Endor.  As per its name, much of the moon’s surface is densely wooded with massive pine and redwood forests.  It was chosen by the Galactic Empire as the location to construct the second Death Star battlestation.  This forest moon is populated by many forms of sentient life, including the Ewoks, who are famous for their role in the Battle of Endor, a crucial point in the downfall of the Galactic Empire.

Endor is a temperate, comfortable place, with dense tree cover to provide generous protection from the elements.  This makes it an ideal location to entertain outdoors.  Timber lounge settings make for an obvious choice of material to match the surrounding environment – our Burke 3 piece setting is built from 100% plantation hardwood and comes in a honey finish to complement the Forest Moon perfectly.

We trust you will use these decorating tips only for good, and will not be tempted by the dark side of the force.

May the 4th be with you!