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How to create the perfect outdoor entertaining area…

How to create the perfect outdoor entertaining area…

Are you looking to spruce up your soulless outdoor area? Do you imagine yourself being able to chill in the comfort of your own backyard on a spacey lounge setting, or entertain family and friends with barbeques and dinner parties around a large outdoor dining setting? With these considerations of creating the perfect outdoor area it’s easy to make your backyard a place to relax and entertain.

Deck it out!


There are many options out there for the right patio flooring for your outdoor area. As well as having a cosy grass area, add a deck or paving to your backyard. Stone and paving can give a real contemporary look to your space, with the use of natural coloured stones and paves. Patterned paves can make your flooring look like an outdoor rug!

Decking is a great option for outdoor flooring. By varnishing and polishing your decking you can really bring it back to life and make your outdoor area look as good as new!

Give your grass some love. There’s nothing more comforting than sitting amongst a lush, green grass area, rather than that dirty unloved look.

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful large tree in your backyard, use this as the centre point for your chilling or entertaining area. The feeling of sitting in the shade of a great large tree is always comforting.

Selecting the right furniture for your space

First thing is work out how much space you have to put in a lounge setting or dining table. With larger areas, you have the space to go for a long or L-shaped setting, such as the King Modular Lounge, or go for the natural look with our Tinamba Modular Lounge. Modular lounges can be a great option for large areas, and for those who like a change of scenery at times; you have the freedom to move the separate chairs in whichever form suits you!


For small spaces and courtyards it’s best to go for something cute and quaint. Balcony settings and smaller lounge settings are the go, usually with one small table and a few chairs to fill the space. We have a large range of cute balcony settings such as the Mirabel Swivel Balcony Set and the Eva Balcony Set which come with two comfortable, unique armchairs and one small table. If you are after something with a bit more room, go for something like our Breeze setting, which comes with a large coffee table, two armchairs and one two-seater lounge.

Check out our large range of outdoor lounge settings and balcony settings on our website, or come and visit us at our showroom in Melbourne.

You could also add something a bit different with a hanging pod chair such as the Kakadu Pod Chair. You can hang these pod chairs from their pole or from a large tree or frame; the ultimate comfort!

What’s your colour?

Selecting the perfect colour scheme for your outdoor space is probably the hardest decision of all. Are you into a bright, bold, colourful area? Or are you more of a natural and neutral type of colour enthusiast?

If you’re going for the tropical look, go for bright colours and bold furnishings. Quirk up your space with colourful cushions, throws and rugs; you could even paint your pot plants to add a special touch of your own! A colourful and bright area will be great for entertaining family and friends with parties and dinners.

Natural and neutral looking areas are great for creating that ultimate relaxing feel, and will also give the space that modern look you are looking for.


A few more things to consider…

There is now a huge range of outdoor fabrics to choose from nowadays, using top of the range weatherproof fabrics. Outdoor rugs, cushions and throws can add a special touch to your space, and create a greater feeling of home.

colour2Create decorative groupings as you would indoors! By grouping pot plants together, hanging lanterns or interesting lighting will give the space your own special touch. You could even make your own little herb garden! Candles and flames can bring out the feeling of comfort in just one light of a match!


Accessorise your space with cute beanbags or outdoor fabric curtains to add that quaint touch to the space. Everyone loves sprawling around in a comfortable beanbag! Check out our awesome colourful range of weatherproof outdoor beanbags on our website.

beanbagsHow cute could adding some outdoor fabric curtains to separate your area from the rest of the backyard or the house? If you are looking to divide a space without spending hundreds, go for some weatherproof fabric to hang in your space.

So, stop dreaming and start planning your soon to be beautiful, comfortable and relaxing entertaining area.

Come and check out our large range of outdoor furniture at our warehouse in Melbourne or go to our website.