Outdoor decor ideas guide part 2

Outdoor decor ideas guide part 2:

Last week we shared with you Part 1 of our outdoor decor ideas guide. This week we share with you Part 2 and invite you to take a look at the variety of ways you can turn your outdoor area into a space that not only looks great but one that expresses your personality and style.

When it comes to styling your outdoor area the world is your oyster. Below are a few décor ideas which may be of interest. Along with the inside of a home, the outdoor living space can be a great opportunity to express one’s individual personality and really let you creativity shine. We hope these few ideas give you inspiration and enjoyment to confidently add to or re-design your current outdoor space.

  1. Cover up


During the warmer months it’s great to be able to sit outside and entertain with friends and family. It’s important though that we consider sun protection during these warmer months. Most areas of your outdoor area will require some sort of shade during the day, whether it’s provided by a covered-porch/deck roof, an awning or an umbrella. Other forms of shade protection could come in the form of tall potted plants to block the sun, a canopy or an arch way covered with vine. If space needn’t be a problem why not consider a pergola or protective outdoor blinds.

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  1. Hanging around!


Create a space in your outdoor area designed specifically for ‘hanging out’. Find a spot in the tree to hang a hammock or why not purchase one of our hammock stands, new to Outdoor Living Direct. A hanging chair pool side also looks great and provides you with the perfect poolside companion all Summer long!

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  1. Colour pop!


Brighten up a balcony or decked area with a burst of bright colour. Bright colours are sure to lift any outdoor space and create an area with creativity and flair. Simply by adding a coloured cushion, pot plant or chair an area can instantly pop and become an inviting space to share with family and friends. Image source: lushome.com

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  1. Space need not be a problem!


Here at Outdoor Living Direct we have something for everyone. Regardless of how much space you have at home, outdoor furniture was made to be enjoyed by everyone for any area! Often people who live in small apartment buildings feel like they can’t enjoy outdoor furniture in comparison to someone who has a spacious outdoor decked area. This is by far not the case. Whether you live in an apartment, high rise, flat, cottage, single story, double story or a mansion the choice is yours when it comes to outdoor furniture. Here at Outdoor Living Direct we offer modern, well designed, affordable settings, so depending on the size of your outdoor area we have something for everyone. If space is an issue for you why not check out a cubed dining set. When not in use all components can be folded into one another to create a space saving solution. Image source: http://www.gradcmu.net

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  1. Add a touch of timber!


Adding a touch of timber is a great way to lift any outdoor area. Not only does timber furniture look great, it’s also durable and sure to last for many years! All of the timber furniture at Outdoor Living Direct has been manufactured from plantation hardwood and is designed for all Australian weather conditions. The timber is rainforest certified so it’s environmentally friendly and sustainable and carefully hand crafted to ensure years of style, comfort and resilience. The timber is also carefully selected, kiln dried and assembled using quality fittings. The beautiful honey finish can be maintained using a quality timber oil; or if left unoiled will attain a weathered; grey appearance which you may prefer. Image source: http://tikkat.com

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We hope you enjoyed reading our tips for creating an outdoor area that will not only look great but one that will express your own personal style.

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