Making a grand entrance

Making a grand entrance: The driveway is the entrance way to your home. Driveways can be decorative to match the exterior of a home or simpler in design depending on your style. Well built driveways act as a practical solution for people, including yourself, to enter your home. Therefore, it is vital to consider the design of your driveway so it not only looks good, but is functional as well. In many homes the driveway is the main access route to the entrance of the home. Considering the design, size and colour will definitely help to enhance the overall look and feel of your home and provide you with an area you’ll be proud of for many years to come.

If you are considering building a new driveway or upgrading your existing one, there are a few important design and layout decisions which should be taken into consideration. Firstly which material do you intend to use? There are many materials on the market that can be used for driveways. Some of these include concrete, asphalt, decorative brick, cobblestone, paving, gravel, granite etc. At the end of the day, there are many materials to choose from, but we recommend you base your decision around what you like and what will suit your home exterior. Another decision would be what size you would like your driveway? It’s at this point too you should consider other aspects of your front garden such as fences, garden beds, grass, pebbles, trees etc to see if any of these elements will interfere or affect the design of your driveway.

Selection of Materials of Walkways and pavements:

It is important to select materials that are complementary to the style and exterior of your home. For example if your home has a brick wall exterior you may decide to select a concrete driveway as these two materials work quite well together. It’s also important to consider the functionality and durability of the materials you choose. Driveways have a lot of foot and car traffic so choosing a material that will stand the test of time is a key factor. If you have an old, run down driveway, be careful of concrete or pavers that may have become loose or that may be poking up. These can become hazardous and should be fixed straight away.

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At night, your driveway should be easily accessible by use of the right amount of lighting and glow. Having lights running along a path, maybe to a front entrance, creates a welcoming, inviting feel to a home.  Flood lighting is also great for highlighting specific areas of your home or outdoor area. Enhance a particular area with a flood light for an instant, eye catching effect.  Outdoor lighting is also a great tool when it comes to home security.  Adequate lighting can discourage thieves and reduce accidents.

Determination of the width of the main walkway:

A driveway may start from the road or street and lead to a path which would then take you to the main door of the house. It may also start from the front yard and wind its way to the garage, or from the front lawn to the back lawn. In each case, it is important to consider the width of a driveway. If entertaining is something you do regularly, you may decide to build a wider driveway so that a greater number of people can walk on it at any one time.

Selection of the Walkway Shape:

The selection of the driveway shape may seem like an easy task, but in reality it depends on a number of factors. The yard size and dimensions are two of the most important factors that dictate the shape of a driveway.

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Most people prefer to have a straight driveway from the street to the front door, but if you are looking for artistic beauty more than practicality then a curved driveway will add the desired effect. The second vital factor to consider is the main building style of your home. For a building that has a Colonial or Victorian design then a straight and formal driveway will best complement this style. Driveways which are straight are used to divert attention and add focus to the main door of the home. But if you have a casual ranch-styled or a Mediterranean inspired home then a curved and informal driveway will add the beauty and touch of class that it needs.

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