Enjoying your outdoor area during winter

Enjoying your outdoor area during winter – With the low temperatures and chilly winter days do you find yourself neglecting your outdoor area simply because it’s too cold to go out and enjoy it? Do you find your area cold, un-inviting and chilly during these winter months? If the answer’s yes, then need not worry. Even though it’s cold outside, there’s plenty of ideas to protect your outdoor area from the weather so you and your loved ones can enjoy your space all year long.

Outdoor heating

Depending on the look you may be going for there are a range of outdoor heating solutions to suit any budget or any outdoor area. Ranging from free standing gas heaters, electric outdoor heaters, wood heaters, portable heaters, inbuilt wall heaters, chimeneas or fire pits. All of these solutions are different in their own way, but are all guaranteed to keep your outdoor area warm and snug this winter season.

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The winter days can be dark gloomy but your outdoor area need not be! Lighting is critical to an effective outdoor space, especially at night when you have no natural light to play with. Using atmospheric subtle lights is the best way to go. Decorative lanterns work exceptionally well in outdoor spaces, adding character, colour and warmth to any room with a soft, inoffensive light.

Or why not consider scattering some beautifully scented candles around your outdoor area to create a warm, atmospheric ambiance. Candles are available in a range of colours, shapes, sizes and scents and are sure to create a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing look within any space.

Fairy lights can also be draped around an outdoor room and are perfect for parties or Christmas time, or just some fun lighting that everyone enjoys.

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Spot lights can also be used to highlight a specific area of your outdoor space. They create a great feature and are the perfect tool to highlight decorative outdoor additions such as water fountains, statues or wall plaques.


To ensure complete protection from the weather it’s best to cover your outdoor area with a permanent roofing solution. A roof overhead will ensure your outdoor area is covered and protected from the elements all year long. There are many types of roofing solutions ranging from pergolas, corrugated roofing shade cloths or shade sails.

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Available in a range of colours, sizes and styles, outdoor café blinds are also a great way to keep the heat in and the rain and wind out as well as insulating your space during winter.

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Decorative features

For a cosy effect why not add some colourful scatter cushions and throw rugs to your outdoor area. Beautiful soft textiles such as these are a great way to keep warm outside and will also freshen up any space during winter. Water features and fountains are also another nice addition and will add a calming effect wherever they’re placed.

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Cooking outdoors

Warm up your outdoor area by cooking outdoors, with either a pizza oven or a BBQ this winter season. By cooking outdoors you not only warm your area you also provide the space with beautiful, delicious aromas.

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An outdoor area should be a space that you can enjoy all year long, not just during summer. With these few tips, we’re sure you’ll be out enjoying your outdoor area all year long.

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