Beat the winter chill

With winter well and truly upon us, now’s the time to beat the winter chill and keep warm with the latest outdoor heating trend – the fire pit. Fire pits are a great idea, providing warmth and allowing you to enjoy your outdoor area even in the cooler months. They’re a safe and practical outdoor heating solution keeping a fire controlled in one single area, that being the ‘pit’ or the ‘bowl’.

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Fire pits also come with many benefits. They allow you to enjoy your outdoor area all year long, especially on those chilly winter days when all you want to do is stay warm and toasty. They’re also suitable to warm a large group of people, making them ideal for gatherings, parties and entertaining. And they’re great for toasting marshmallows or enjoying warm, winter comfort meals with family and friends.

Fire pits also provide a calming ambiance and are perfect for relaxing outdoors, either on your own or with company.

There are also a couple of points to consider when finding the right fire pit for you.


Firstly it’s important to consider your budget and how much money you have to spend on a fire pit. There are many varieties on the market so knowing how much you have to spend will narrow your choice and make shopping for one a little easier.

Permanent vs portable?

Ask yourself this question, as your answer will determine the look and feel for your fire pit. Would you prefer a built in, permanent fire pit or would a portable option suit you better?

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There’s a variety of materials to choose from when it comes to selecting a fire pit. Choose from copper, concrete, stainless steel, clay or cast iron, depending on the look you want to achieve. All of these materials do a similar job in radiating heat. Copper and stainless steel bowls are usually lighter, however you may prefer a heavier material such as clay or cast iron. Also consider your existing outdoor decor and house colours as this will help determine the types of materials and colours your fire pit should be.

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Similar to choosing materials when it comes to selecting a fire pit design it’s best to consider your existing outdoor decor and choose a design that will match in with that. Whether it be the classic bowl shaped fire pit, or a fire pit table or even a chiminea style the possibilities are endless.

The classic bowl shaped fire pit is both modern and contemporary and is sure to complement existing outdoor decor. Bowls are popular in the market because of their shape and their ability to radiate heat evenly. Fire pit bowls come in a range of materials and sizes and can either be used in a permanent situation or moved around if need be.

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Fire pit tables are generally the same height as a standard coffee table and come in a variety of materials and colours. Many of these tables come complete with a ledge providing a safety area for children as well as a handy area for resting your drink or a plate of food.

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The chiminea style is an enclosed fire pit generally made from clay. As it’s name suggest it works like a chimney, capturing the heat within the walls and then letting it out the top like a funnel. Chimineas come in a range of shapes and sizes and are ideal for creating a focal point on a deck or patio area.

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So, if you take the above points into consideration when choosing a fire pit, you’ll be on the right track to ensuring your winter stays warm and toasty!

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