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Preparing your outdoor furniture for the cooler months

Preparing your outdoor furniture for the cooler months: The days are getting shorter and the air’s getting colder. Winter is approaching, and now that we’re not spending as much time outdoors, this is the time to start thinking about storing and protecting your outdoor furniture from the chilly climate so it’s ready to go once the warmer weather rolls around.

Cleaning and preparing your outdoor furniture:

Even furniture that’s been weather and UV treated still needs to be cared for and maintained during the cooler months. Taking the time to consider this now, will ensure your outdoor furniture is in excellent condition when the warmer weather comes around.

Before storing your outdoor furniture it’s important to properly clean and prepare it. If this step is completed now, you won’t have to worry about it once the weather starts to warm up. Whether your furniture is rattan, aluminium, timber, metal or plastic, start by using a soft brush to remove any loose dirt, dust, leaves, twigs or spider webs. Remember to brush in all the little nooks to remove any loose dirt which may have been sitting there for a while. Avoid using chemical cleaners. Instead, wipe down your furniture using a damp cloth and mild soapy water, then rinse off using a bucket or hose. Make sure to remove the cushions first!

Mould is also another element to be wary of. A naturally occurring organism that has the ability to grow on any surface where there is constant moisture. If you notice mould growing on your outdoor furniture, invest in a mould remover and use accordingly. However we should note, unless the fabric is kept in a dry environment the mould will continue to grow back, regardless of the use of mould remover.

Cushion care:

In order to properly care for your cushions we recommend to read the care instructions attached to the cushion or speak to the cushion manufacturer in regards to their recommendations when it comes to cleaning. Some outdoor cushion fabrics shouldn’t be machine washed so it’s important to know what works and what doesn’t work for your particular type of fabric. If your cushion covers are removable clean them separately, by hand, using warm, soapy water. If your covers are machine washable, simply wash them on a gentle, warm cycle and hang to dry. Once dry we recommend to store your cushions in a clean, dry area such as a garage, basement or cupboard.


Cover up:

Once your furniture is clean and dry the best way to protect it during the cooler months is to simply cover it. Even if you’re storing your outdoor furniture in a confined, covered environment, we do recommend to invest in a cover for added protection from the elements. Custom made, fitted covers in acrylic or polyester waterproof material are readily available and easy to put on and take off.  If you are unable to justify the cost of custom-made covers and are not so concerned over the look of the covered furniture, tarpaulins with eyelets and ropes can be used.


Here at Outdoor Living Direct we can help you with your cover request. Don’t let your beautiful outdoor lounge or dining setting become a victim of the elements – call us today! Our custom furniture covers can be made to order for outdoor furniture, BBQs, and just about anything else you can think of. Email us at to find out how we can tailor a cover for you. Hand made, by a local Melbourne supplier, from top-quality UV-resistant, waterproof fabric, our covers are a permanent solution when it comes to protecting your outdoor furniture. Our covers also come with a 2 year comprehensive warranty.

For any other information on the general cleaning and maintenance of your outdoor furniture feel free to call us on 1300 067 138, visit our care page on our website or email us at